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  1. Figured out my problem.
  2. LF a native/abeast charge 10 years blade 100 souls machine/dark Machine/dark Lindcray S rank zalure gun TypeMe/Mech charge set TypeMe/Mech Demon Demon type SH shot Psycho Raven native/abeast Macho Blades Asteron striker 80 hit Serene Swann 80 hit (100 dark pref) Bombchu sliver of vengeance and finally photon spheres! good for now Will open it back up if I need more. Just PM your price and we can talk about it cheers!
  3. Looking for the big flow! pm me the deets.
  4. Iron Faust 0/0/70/75/60 60+dts Yask9 0/0/0/80/70 (Charge) 80+dts Alis' Resolve 7dts Agito (1975) 50 hit ?? Chromatic Orb 10dts Red Ring (I believe it has Min stats) 10dts Feel free to PM me offers. As for the first 2 items, I will not pay lower then what I bought them for so please don't low ball me. If a price has ?? by it, it means I'm unsure of the price, so feel free to give me an offer.
  5. Lipelis offered me a sweet deal I couldn't refuse, I had another offer also and waited a while for a reply, I didn't want to lose the offer so I gave a 2 hour time limit on the auction to be fair to Lipelis.
  6. can be closed, thanks everyone!
  7. its ended thanks! ^^ if @Starlord doesnt show up ill take your offer mate
  8. sorry im having this bug that wont let me type messages. I'll take @Starlord offer of 23dts and @Lipelis remains the winner. Meet me in game in as Kris a redria racast
  9. im seeing a lot of posts that just came in that i missed. should i just extend for another 2 mins and let you guys figure it out?
  10. dang starlord that last second timing
  11. auction is officially closed, congrats to the winners @Luis_Rivaille and @Lipelis
  12. this thread can be closed, as I made an auction for the items. ty
  13. With the overwhelming support and offers I have decided to make an auction for these items. starting with the latest offer I just received. Auction closes in 2 hours Mille Marteaux 100/0/0/100|100 Guld Milla 60 hit latest offer from Lipelis: maxed DM, STA and 50 dts for the MM.
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