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  1. Hey guys and gals, I am thinking of starting up a group to run with on the weekends. Figure that way we can always be helping each other out. I recently started playing on this server so I have a TON of catching up to do, but I am experienced with the game. HMU if anyone would be interested. I am thinking of Thursday, Friday and Saturdays being the days I could make it work myself and probably later in the evening. I live in the U.S and am in MST (Mountain Standard Time). Happy Hunting!!
  2. Hiya, so I've played the GC version for years but I've just barely dabbled into PSOBB. Essentially, I'm just curious about teams and the perks they bring. I know you can "donate" special weapons for points, but what do those even do? But yeah, just a general break down of teams would be super appreciated.
  3. I recently play Episode 4 with my Force character and want to complete all main quests like in the other episodes with my Hunter and Ranger. I have never met a situation like this, maybe it's just my imagination but I felt I should had to ask the following. This quest is named as 'The CHOSEN 2/2' where you have to rescue a girl called Rupika from another NPC. When you reach Subterraen Desert, there's a part with laser fences which you need to get through by activating switches (red, blue, green, purple). This place has a bunch of transporters as well, if you didn't manage to cross lasers you can use them to transoprt you to the starting point. I was just not in the mood to do this, tried it a couple of times but decided to leave. So, my question is: Can I do this quest alone? Or do I need team mates for it? As I mentioned earlier you can do in solo the other quests in every Episodes, but perhaps this one is an exception. I'm a bit confused, help me by telling the answer Admins if you can, and I'll wait for you players who do quests, too!
  4. Heyho, little chimps! I just want to ask if you do Main Quest (Government) in Ep4. Usually I do these alone, but if you've done or want to do them join me in PSO room (I always make this name). My character is Yuma, a Force man. I have two others, they are Nagi (for Ep1) and GunJack (for Ep2). Later I'll continue with these too, and will wait for you as well. It's sometimes boring to do these quests alone. I'd like to know more about the story, and have fun with you guys! I hope there are a few people here who play the game the way it's supposedly to be played. Which is nothing else than DO quests! I'll be waiting for you!
  5. Hi there. Not sure if I am posting in the right forum and I don’t really see any other subforums that touch on this. But is there a good guide or something to explain how the team system works? I kinda have a general idea based on going through the in-game options as I have made a team for myself and the friends on mine irl that I typically play with. I was reading elsewhere that things could be bought with points accumulated by “sacrificing” rares, which I have done. However none of the values in team menu have changed so I’m just looking for something to elaborate on how it all works. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks very much!
  6. Scrungo

    Looking for team

    Im level 43 and im pretty intrested in a team, i made one for my friends only, but they dont play it anymore so im gonna disband it and join a better one. Please let me know if you have a rad team i can join. My guild card number is 42159749 if anyone wants it.
  7. Buying Post send me PM and we can talk
  8. Is the adventure team still a thing? I joined a couple weeks ago but I never see anyone else from my team online. Anybody recruiting for a more active team? Thx, Quorra//Aleister+
  9. Happy 8th Anniversary -= Ultima =- Is that time of the year that we celebrate to be here. 8th years here with open doors to any enthusiastic PSO addict. During this year many changes were placed, as for example we change the game server to another dedicate server.... twice! we also moved the website to a dedicate server. The forum got themed and revamped websites tools in to it. There's no other PSOBB server older than us, we have been online the longest time than anyone else...... yet we have been criticized by others, we have been attacked literally attacked our website and server. But we keep working to keep bringing a great experience to all the player. I been here for 8th years sometimes I absent from the server for days, but that's it. i don't believe I have stop login for more than a week. Its true that I'm not alone and I'm not the one who make everything happen. I get the help of a great staff. All of them doing something different and helping in everything they can. To the staff ... Thanks for helping and giving your time for ULTIMA thanks @Soly@Cyane@serverus@Fyrewolf5@kajex@Lemon and past members too. We want to celebrate with you, with out players we wouldn't be here. Thanks to all the players who make this possible .. ... . Thanks TO ALL!\ This year, many of the drops have been spread out a bit to more places. No new items in this event. Event will end Dic-12-2016 Photon D - Core & Sonic Team Armor Here's a little list of what we included in this event. You might be familiar with the items of last year's event. Photon D-Core Ultima MAG (yahoo Mag) Sonic Team Armor This item wont be an easy drop SWORD OF ULTIMA ---(5TH ANNIVERSARY EVENT) ASTERON STRIKER ---(5TH ANNIVERSARY EVENT) Nakas Card, for S- Ranks weapons exchange Drop Table Naka's Cards - Ultimate Dark Falz: Purple Red Oran Yellow White 5⁄64 Vhard Dark Falz: Viridia Green Sky Blue Pink 2⁄73 Ultima's Engine - Ultimate Shambertin: Green Blue Pink Red Oran Yellow 1⁄16 Vhard Olga Flow: Purple Red Oran Yellow White 2⁄85 D-Photon Core - Ultimate Olga Flow: Viridia Green Sky Blue Pink 2⁄93 Asteron Striker - Ultimate Detonator: Sky Blue Purple Oran White 1/243 Ultimate Ill Gill: Viridia Green Pink Red Yellow 1⁄284 Sword of Ultima - Ultimate Detonator: Viridia Green Pink Red Yellow 1⁄292 Ultimate Ill Gill: Sky Blue Purple Oran White 1⁄365 Sonicteam Armor - Ultimate Dark Falz: Green Blue Pink 1⁄256 Ultimate Olga Flow: Red Oran Yellow 1⁄227 Ultimate Shambertin: Viridia Purple Sky White 1⁄227
  10. Hi everybody! I am making this guide to let everyone know how I used a friend's ID to get my STA! First off, only ever run POD on whitill, because fuck the other section IDS White supperiority! Yes this is exactly what it looks like, I hugged and kissed EVERY cactus on our POD runs! And LAST OF ALL pray your allegiance to your overlord RNGESUS and DW... by offering them a sacrifice every run. And thats how I got my STA.
  11. Hola a todos, intento hacer de este team uno grande y solido, compartiendo y apoyandonos a todos, unanse y creemos el mejor team de Ultima me pueden encontrar como Fu, por las noches y mañanas, a darle con todo GC: 42175372
  12. HEYO! Frost aka Jason here, and I'm looking for a good, FUN team! Doesn't have to be the best team on this server, but decent enough to be able to run pretty smoothly! Lol trying to hit Lv.200 with my main but I dont have many people, well at least, not enough people late at night. Feel free to post on here or PM me. Whatever works for you guys!
  13. Hi Ultima, what has to be done to make the point registration for the teams work for 100%? That means also the earned privilegs and that stuff.^^
  14. Hi, Excepted is only one Weapon which is Nei Claw (real)
  15. I'm offering 110 PDs
  16. Knifedera

    Team Kunaives

    Edit: not much point in joining anymore, as I don't really plan on playing on Ultima anymore. If you want to get the most out of your PSO experience, I suggest finding a larger, active team like PRO. This goes for any of the other 12 members who still actually play as well; I understand if you leave. Enjoy yourself with others who are active. I am now playing on the Sieglinde server. Team Kunaives is always open to anyone who isn't antisocial or a negative nancy. Those are the only two requirements. This is our team flag: a pair of twin kunai knives crossed over each other. It will be beside your name in lobbies if you join us. It's color will change during events. Currently it is a Hookshot (OoT) with a yellow background for the Triforce event. Current members (in-game names that I know): 1. Distance / Vivienne / Krystal / Melody: team creator. 2. Silvius: team leader. 3. neptune_ / two: member. 4. Malphas / Phenex / Leviathan: member. 5. Xenon-: member. 6. Lightmagi / Daniel / slade: member. 7. Nightwing / Perseus: member. 8. SpookyPan / Britany / Moonlit: member. 9. Tai / Mai: member. 10. Gemini / R4-Athena / Hikari / Sascha: leader. 11. Shupu / Quantum: member. 12. Tempest: member. 13. Raine: member. How to join: 1. Locate me or MPY in-game or send either of us a PM on here and ask if interested. 2. That's it! The only reason you may be denied is if we have never played with you in-game (AKA don't know your personality) or if we've seen you act less than friendly on the forums; the first of those two things, of course, is super easy to get past. Simply chat with one of us a bit in a lobby or in a game and you're set there. What we do: Nothing in particular. There aren't arranged events for this team or anything like that. We mainly just chat (F9) and help each other out with hunts and leveling (or, at least, that's what I mainly do). If you want a more active team in terms of events, this one isn't for you. Rules: 1. Just follow common sense and good ethics (AKA no racism, no excessive rudeness, don't steal items from someone else in the team who was hunting them, etc.) 2. Server's rules (no hacking, no duping, etc.). Note: being an active player is not a requirement. Screenshots: Some in-game moments that have occurred among the team thus far that are of notoriety. Playing with poses in Festivity on the Beach: Successfully hunted a Heaven Striker during HH:
  17. Voodoo Kitty


    We have doge, bunnies and kitties. So just like, ask if you want in. Not gonna make this fancy yet cause im not sure if serious (<insert meme here) Same as every other team, play nice, help with hunts ect ect. Plus, you get the awesome team icon! [it changes colour every month!] could really do with a member willing to moderate team affairs, im on a bit more frequently now, but whos to say thats stable! Also, plans for a member exclusive RNG game for items or something (like the lucky coin roulette almost) - from unique items to rares. Thanks to Malxers and Belle for pushing me to do this (Even though you never asked or mentioned it, im just being a copy cat ) Spot to meet : Lobby 8 Because RAINBOW!
  18. This is a topic for ZodiacPalace team members! If you aren't a member, please do not post. If you'd like to join the team, please post in the recruitment topic here! For all current members, feel free to start posting now!! Current members: ZodiacPrince -Team Lead/Way Past Cool Belusras - Second-In-Command/Puckish Rogue Grimminsantiy - Team Member/Brains of the Operation [iGN]Deenide - Team Member/Away on Business? Hatsodoom Reiga. - Team Member/4th Wall Breaker [iGN]Dai Chi - Team Member/Team Mascot [iGN] = In-Game Name Team Chat (Via Tlk. io) Please use your Main's name whenever your join in! Unfortunately, the Forum Rules state no external links are allowed, so please contact me for the address of the Room. If you want to join a Skype Group or start an IRC chat room, please let me know. Squads [squads are undergoing deliberation at the moment. If approved, they will be listed here along with their Leaders and Members] Encouraging Quote of the Week "Dai Chi still likes you! " Signature Art I encourage all members of ZodiacPalace to wear some signature art flying our flag. If you want me to make you similar art to mine (see signature) then please send me a message and I will. If you have and desired assets* you wish to add to it, please include a link to those as well. *1 - Like the art I have in the background of mine. It must be pre-alpha-channeled. (Have transparency already.) If you want the same design as mine, please tell me your 4 Characters' Section ID's. *PLEASE NOTE* - You cannot deviate from the uniformity of the layout. You will still have the same effect applied to the font, and the same outlying art. Here is an Example: Original Alternate Squad Signature Art If Squads are approved, I will provide you with signature art to wear either alongside your Team Art or to replace your Team Art. You may also submit your own art if you are a Squad Leader, and I and the other Team Captains will vote on it's viability. (We'll decide whether or not it fits our Team's style.) Wish Lists No Wish Lists have been submitted yet. Team Flag Designs If you would like to submit an alternate Team Flag design, please send me a message with a direct link to the file. Please do NOT use an image hosting site, as the quality is always lowered from compression. Please host on Mediafire or something. DO NOT SUBMIT ANY PORNOGRAPHIC CONTENT!! Blacklist These are the members that are not permitted to join the Team or post here. The format is as follows: Username - Reason for Blacklisting. Colorado Wilson - Not a good fit for the Team (personality-wise)/Insulted Team.
  19. Hi, I'm ZodiacPrince, leader of ZodiacPalace! You may have seen my RAmarl, Lan-fuah, running around the lobby. Well, I've got a team, and I'm taking all comers! Currently, we only have 6 members, but we're no slouches. What we lack in numbers we make up for in skill. So, if you wanna join our team, let me know and we can arrange a time to meet up in-game! Current Members: ZodiacPrince - In-Game Name: Lan-Fuah. Valiant Leader of ZodiacPalace. Belusras - In-Game Name: Feyris. The Cool and Commanding Vice-Captain of ZodiacPalace. Grimminsanity - In-Game Name: Celestial. Logistics Expert with the Eyes of a Hawk. Hatsodoom Reiga - In-Game Name: Yukari Y.. A Deadly FOrce with a Passion for Justice. In-Game Name: Deenide. The Mysterious Shadow Sniper. In-Game Name: Dai Chi. The Mascot with a Heart of Gold.
  20. Cyane

    B> STA

    Offering Dark flow 0/50/50/0/50+ centurion/battle + psycho ravens or hylian or Dark Meteor 0/50/50/0/60+ centurion/battle + psycho ravens or hylian or Psycho Bridge + mother garb+ + lv200mind sato + hylian + glide divine or Dark flow 0/50/50/0/50 + Gael Giel 0/155/45/0 + pravens or hylian or Dark meteor 0/50/50/0/60 + Gael Giel 0/155/45/0 + pravens or hylian or Psycho bridge + Gael Giel 0/155/45/0 + pravens or hylian Any other gear I'm up to offer for this instead! Good holidays :3 oh yeah pm me if you can since i lose track of topics D: edit: i want to buy under9000 too, i heard he dropped today
  21. Cobalt12

    PSO2 Team

    Hello again (birds fly, sun shines, and brother: I'm back from the dead! etc.) With the release of PSO2 and the rather shonky business involving getting it over here in the EU and USA I was wondering whether We could get everyone from Ultima, and band together as one big group for PSO2, just a thought. Put your suggestions below into the name (and other things) of this team below
  22. We recently had to delete all the teams from the server due to a bug, but seems that we can restore them like they were before...one month ago So, i'm asking here in the poll if you'd like the teams to be restored or not. Also you can post your thoughts about it here. The teams restoration will only affect the teams, not the characters. Recientemente tuvimos que borrar todos los equipos del servidor debido a un bug, pero parece que los podemos restaurar a como estaban antes...un mes atras Así que, estoy preguntando en esta encuesta si les gustaría que los equipos fueran restaurados o no. También, responde aquí lo que piensas sobre esto aquí. La restauración de los equipos solo afectará los equipos, no a los personajes.
  23. Introduction: Thank You to all of the people who have helped me this far, and now iv'e finally decided to put together my very own Team Video Introduction, which I have not done yet surprisingly and should have done a long time ago =P. Anyway hope you enjoy it and remember like always tell me what you think etc, etc.
  24. mylandra


    Hello everyone, I'm the Queen of noobs and Empress of noobishness. We are looking for more noobs to join us upon this nooby noobstomping journey. We have a few active members in the team and people who will help you achieve your goals in this game. We also have proud noobies who like to do challenge mode, so feel free to ask me if you wanna be part of that adventure =D If you don't join the team now, the noobness punishment judgment will befall upon you! ONLY WORKS ONCE EVERY 100 BEATS. Requirements : - Able to speak english - Play this game obviously - Likes to troll lobby all day - Just enjoying the game - AND LAST MOST IMPORTANT PART, TO JOIN THE TEAM YOU MUST GIVE ME A MONOMATE I will be hosting an event soon for noobs to make a forum banner. The winner will get goodies, so feel free to start now if you're already part of the team
  25. So yeah, that's coming, and I think we should start a team, as we are like-minded people? right? RIGHT??? Anyway I'm thinking of starting a team should we find a way to organise ourselves. So what do you think?? :3
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