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  1. sadly no, straight 0's on the yas
  2. Hi all, I've got a demon yas 9k (0% stats) that I'm looking to trade for a red ring or 10 dts. PM me if you're interested Best, Quorra
  3. I will if you tell me why you like them so much
  4. I'll sell things individually too, but I offer the whole list for a SJS Techs and Misc.: Lvl. 20: Resta, Foie, Barta, Rafoie, Zonde, Gifoie Lvl 30: Resta, Deband, Zalure Lvl 7: Anti Centurion/Technique x4 Limiter [Kills:3842] Hildeblue's Head x30 Holla if anything interests you. If the SJS trade is close but no cigar, let me know and maybe we can work something out
  5. I've got a black sato with 10 def, 75 pow, 40 dex, 75 mind if youre interested. PB's are M&Y, dolphin and pilla for 15 pds
  6. Ah that does sound nice, I'm really dreaming of frank the bunny though. I've only got the one halo rappy. Thank you though!
  7. I'll pay half dt's, half pds. Anyone want to sell? Bought, thanks. Topic can be closed
  8. Thanks for the tips all! The 300 kill route earned me 10 tickets so I was able to get it in 2 runs. I just made a racast last night to get the shot though, so now it's only a matter of time Thanks again!
  9. Hey Fyre, Janeba showed me a way through earlier thank you for the offer though. I thought we needed to get through all the subterranean desert levels to clear the quest but we finished in SD2 with just over 300 kills. I didn't see the type sh/shot as an option in beaks though, is that a male ranger only thing or did I just have bad luck?
  10. Hey all, good info on this thread. I've been trying to complete this one using the maps/walk through that Wayne had linked to, but I can't get the path to the subterranean desert 3 transport to open. It's locked behind a purple gate that I can't seem to open. I am trying to get to 3 because I don't think I can finish it in time if I go to SD2. Can someone explain what I'm missing here? Thanks!
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