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  1. It looks like those players don't like you joking around.

  2. I don't care who you are.I hang out with anyone even if you are good or bad.

  3. you just dont know me XD

    when you know me you wil hate me to

  4. You have to explain everything that happened to get people to understand the situation better.

  5. That doesn't make sense for the hate from people,it looks more like of a jealously thing.

    You get respect people just starting stuff behind a computer.That's the lowest form of internet bullying.

  6. Anyways what's with the -225 rep?Just people that can't provide positive feedback?

  7. I have been wondering if the rollback does reset the other characters you played.I'll give an example one of your characters is glitched.You don't that one character,already reported it and waiting on a fix.Like it glitched 2 days ago,you post that glitched character on the exact date it happened.You play the other three characters while waiting for a response.On the rollback does that knock those three back to where they were originally at lvl and items?
  8. I take it you played Touhou 6?While I was looking up Chirumiru Cirno on Youtube. I stumbled upon two names:Flandre and Remiliascarlet .

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