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  1. Lol Matoi 

  2. A SS cost like 99pd. Idk if in event this price is reduced. But if u wanna sell for 60pd i can buy ur SS.
  3. Buddy a "Stellar Shard" costs like 15Dt or 99pd each one.
  4. Girasole - Bluefull - Kondrieu - Ultimate
  5. Had no more Xmas event... cry

    1. theancientsam


      next year :"(

  6. Welcome.. if u need some help or some tips fell free to send us msg. Enjoy the game.
  7. A server without "Skyfox/StarFox" would be ideal. Who agrees? :"L
  8. I would like to suggest two things that in my opinion are extremely necessary as they would help a lot. First, an item that increases the speed (even more) of the magicians' techniques, like a "CB" or (as I think I've seen on some other server) a kind of "V802". Because the spells in this game no longer cause good damage... and worse than that... it's very slow. And the second, I believe that it would be great to expand the limit of PDs in the bank, from 99 to 999. Because it is very annoying whenever you manage to collect 99pd in both banks, having to immediately exchange them for a Photon Sphere. Does anyone agree?
  9. Are u online now?
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