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  1. I dropped a fairy sword after 5 minutes I dropped another, lol
  2. olá Dan,mano estou interessado no Proof of Sonic Team
  3. I do not remember the login of pso, to find out the login of the game you need to know the login of the email, (I do not remember the login of my email), always used the same login in pso, can anyone help me ??
  4. I need a lot of help from you, I've lost my email login, and when I go to recover the password on the server's website, it automatically sends a key to my email, just the problem that I'm not logged in to my email please some GM of the game can help me to recover my login, pso game for many years
  5. Good afternoon, I'm Giovani and I was a time without logging in the game, today when I was logged in the game I could not, I said the password and login but it does not enter the game, man I need your help for me to recover my login,
  6. ja tentei de todas as maneiras de executar o jogo mas não rodou, windows 7 direct x 11 (Microsoft .NET Framework atualizado)
  7. Personally I'm an old psobb player, I used to play on the schthack server, I'm very much back to playing psobb.
  8. Does anyone know a tutorial that explains about running the game?
  9. I changed resolution and nothing, how are you using there?
  10. I did the installation of the game but it does not execute, it executes and it closes I disabled the firewall, I ran as administrator, none of this worked
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