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  1. Happy birthday Virec. May God bless you and protect you. Allowing you to always be this great person who is for many, many years to live.


  2. You use this one to open it. From it will come "Mag cell" or "Halo Rappy soul" (which turns your Red ring into cat or rabbit ears, aureola among other items.
  3. Isso ocorre raramente creio menos de 10 vezes por ano.
  4. Bomb Chu: Whitill - Del Lilly - Ult EP2
  5. Forgive me for the doubt that surely many should already know. Can I hit a weapon that hasn't hit? Or does she need to have any hit before it can be added?
  6. Esse mesmo hehehe.. apesar q esse da foto faltou o bom e velho catupiry que todo mundo poe no anuncio sendo que nem tem nos comercios hahahahahahahahah
  7. Depois dessa mereceu um pastel de Frango com o verdadeiro catupiry nao os piratas hehehehehe <3
  8. EH o PGF? eu n manjo disso rsrsrs.. bora TTF RR hahahahaha
  9. Yann oq q eh Dark weapons? PGF? Dark Meteor, Dark Flow e Bridge?
  10. It would be very nice if that were possible, as I see it (obviously respecting each one who doesn't agree)
  11. Trap/search Baranz ultimate EP1 Redria
  12. Could you tell me why you're talking to me about buying something, are unable to make an offee yourself, so when I do make an offer myself you leave the conversation immediately, never to be heard from again?

    I think that is disrespectful and wouldn't treat someone that way, so please do tell me why.

  13. Parts of egg blaster - Ep2 Ultimate Skyly
  14. Ricardof14

    Easter Event 2019

    Gotric Cloak - EP4 Ult White - Dorphon Eclair Centurion HP - EP4 Ult White - Satellite Lizard
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