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  1. im so mad. new motor no good.

    1. Trigunman


      Ahhhh geezzz I hope it wasn't a car motor man... Been there, done that, it sucks something fierce! XD Had 3 pistons break on me with a 3-4 month old rebuilt 305 V8 motor in a 85 Pontiac Grand Prix years ago. Rage does not even begin to describe... =^(

  2. good to see you wilson. always welcome back buddy
  3. no problem. if you change your mind. just let me know.
  4. i have a 0/50/50/0 50hit arm.
  5. i believe i still have a zanba with 30hit somewhere in the bank.
  6. wow its just my luck. right on the last day of the year of 2014 i blew my engine.

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    2. King Ra

      King Ra

      Sorry to hear that fatboy.

    3. Khoa Si-đa

      Khoa Si-đa

      u should update these news to the NEWS/EVENT tab for easy track of what's going on.

    4. Khoa Si-đa

      Khoa Si-đa

      that's why the server screwed up lately right?

  7. if the AS 50hit is still there. i offer pyhco raven 0, RR, zalure needle, 20pd.
  8. sure is hard to sleep when your mind is still thinking about stuff.

  9. fatboy


    i have hs 40/0/0/30 45hit but im lookin for AS hit
  10. fatboy

    S > stuffs

    zanba 30hit, min RR, and 40pd?
  11. fatboy

    S > stuffs

    i offer ultima reaper 30/0/15/0 40hit + v502 and 40pd for the AS 40/0/0/40 45hit
  12. fatboy


    pycho wand clio marina's bag prophets of motav ultima reaper 30/0/15/0 40hit + v502
  13. wow very nice collection you got there.
  14. wish me luck guys. im gonna go to the casino and play a few bucks and have a few drinks and eat all you can eat at the buffet.

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    2. Steven Rogers

      Steven Rogers

      Hot digity doggy person I have never seen before. Listen here is a tip. Just cause you can picture doing things to the blackjack Dealer, dont mean they will give you good cards.

    3. Linda Saelee
    4. Linda Saelee

      Linda Saelee

      its not


      its no ablo espanYol

  15. finally got the xmax tree up. uh oh i ate all the cookies. gotta go to walmart and get some more for santa.

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    2. Cyane


      TT.TT think about the red man

    3. elefsis


      bon appetite pal,hehe

    4. Trigunman


      First come, first serve, sorry Santa-man! XD

  16. fatboy

    STA ..... D:

    how about upgrading the wedding dress so we wont cry so much for sta.
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