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  1. When it's back on I'm giving all my items away gone to pso 2 much better game and server is always on thx every one but time for change
  2. Il keep playing suppose I got keep going to get the good things thx for support and to guy that can throw stones right back at ya I'm not jealous just felt like I wasn't going anywhere
  3. Sorry guys had enough of trying to huntin pgf countless rts for it n nothing I now it's a grinding game but just frustrating that people can do 1000s of damage n at lvl 50 plus I'm lvl 162 n can only hit 300 too 400 game just seems point less so goodbye I might come back in the future you have been great all people on here
  4. hiya i have posted in shout box but no reply its saying there's no ships dono what to do it is because of maintenance
  5. Merry Christmas cyane any gun that's nice please
  6. If I were to raise rare mags what would people want for PDs n what stats
  7. What's the point in a game where u level 125 with level 200 mag and a level 60 can't hit way harder that u barley find any PD drop to buy items
  8. Okies thx u bud I iwll keep lvling then thank yu
  9. Hi I want to get darkflow j I know its a big ask how much money do I have to donate or where can I find please
  10. that just happend to me aswell gone from lvl 18 to 1 got pic of my gear still equiped dono how to attach it though
  11. just got loged out and gone from lvl 18 to lvl 1 got a pic of items still equipd dont now how to atch a pic
  12. So was best for my fo to get lvl 30 spells I'm lvl 125 and wanna hit bit harder feel like a newbie and for my ranger to gett better weps same lvl please
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