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  1. Emewn

    Happy Birthday! JADE ❤️ God bless you so much! ❤️ 

  2. Jesus Christ: "Do to others and for others what you would have be done to you, and for you."

  3. Emewn


    Soly is a freaking wizard
  4. There are a few crashing issues that only occur in free areas. This mod package is basically for those who prefer quest over free field. There are no problems in quests. You may crash upon killing Gui Gue in free field Seaside, and by hitting a button in free field Seabbed. (Those are the only issues I've encountered)
  5. The Grim Reaper will take your soul now
  6. Normal: Fun Challenge: Not Fun Battle: Pointless
  7. SPUZ!!!!! 😮❤️ 

  8. Jobs these days expect us to neglect our kids, forget our health, never get tired, be on time to the workplace, and be productive. All just to survive. It's called slavery. Where people are blind to the seriousness of the fact that credit is debt. People sometimes ask the question "if the world is in debt, then who owns the people?" Figure it out. Social Security numbers are not for our protection. They are labels that says we are property. Americans are so proud, because they have blue eyes, blond hair, and money, but the middle and upper class are also slaves.rhCj8RG.jpg

  9. Other servers such as Ephinea removed the ++ gear. I remember being highly disappointed about that fact. Especially, because folks there kept saying the server was vanilla. I'm like: how the hell do you figure? When I joined Ultima I was actually glad that it was more vanilla in that regard. I thought it was disrespectful to delete ++ gear from the database, and ironic that even staff whole heartedly swear Epinea is vanilla. I'm just saying, how can PSO be PSO without the ++ green names or with other items deleted from the database the way Destiny server removed Smartlink? While new ideas, and exclusive releases are awesome, I think it's important to maintain that vanilla feel by making sure all those subtle PSO elements still work. People play PSO mostly for that feeling of nostalgia. I legit stopped using any skins and ogg packs for that reason months ago. I've been able to put in a lot more effort into PSO, because I play with my game looking as it did on the Gamecube. The feels are real when PSO is normal. Can't go wrong with some new epic gear though. Adding new gear or combo unlocking something like L&K38 Combat won't make PSO less vanilla. Deleting PSO gear from the database or leaving items broken will.
  10. When a large company that has always sold GMOs finally starts selling GMOs that are labeled Organic. Don't trust it.
    Read the back. It says
    "Partially Produced With Genetic Engineering".
    General Mills even hides that label with the wrapper.
    You have to move the little flap to see it.


  11. Lets make Ultima the first PSO Private Server to add a new difficulty, and increase level cap to LV300. This will make room for what folks would naturally consider OP gear to be released. Instead of nerfing every good idea. I think it could work out beautifully with some love & dedication.
  12. Emewn

    Hit Event 2019!

    With all the changes done to this year's Hit Event compared to the previous years, price increase, cancellation of hit splitting etc. I'm hoping the next events have neat exclusive goodies released to make up for it. That aside, thanks for being kind with me whenever I sought help adding hit to weapons. I'm not smart especially with numbers, but Serverus took his time with me without being rude. I must say I'm grateful.
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