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  1. Thanks guys for all the replies. And I play online and complete quests in single player mode. And of course, many thanks to those guys who just presented me with a couple of guns (I don’t remember the names). And I did not say that rare things do not fall, and a lot fall. But exactly what I want - the last week I got tired of knocking out. Thanks again. I'm from Russia, so it's bad in English. Can you elaborate on what DAR is?
  2. I understand everything. That's pretty much what I thought. Probability. For some things fell literally from the first killed monsters. Although I didn't even come close to the number. Thank you.
  3. Hello everyone, guys, does anyone know how to understand the drop rate of an item? Look, the drop table says 1⁄1137, as I understand it, the probability of dropping out needs to be killed isspecific monster 1137, but for example I killed much more, but the item I needed didn’t drop even once ((what’s wrong? Thanks in advance everyone!
  4. Всем привет, ребята, кто-нибудь знает, как понять шанс выпадения предмета? Смотри, в таблице дропа написано 1⁄1137, я так понимаю, вероятность выпадения нужно убить specific monster 1137, но я например убил гораздо больше, но нужный мне предмет не выпал ни разу(( что не так ? Заранее спасибо всем!
  5. Hello everybody! I have a new question about the drop. So I read on the Internet that Rambling Man drops out of the Nar Lily of the second episode in the pinkel section on ultimate, and I've been hammering them in packs for a week. However, it never fell out. I understand that on Ultima servers, the drop of things is not like that? I'm sorry for the mistakes, I'm writing through transliteration. Thanks for your attention
  6. I'm talking about this, sorry, I'm writing through transliteration, maybe not exactly. My crit value did not change regardless of the amount of LCK (
  7. Guys, what does the LCK parameter affect? I understand that this is luck. I ask the question because I experimented a little with this value using unit, in my case playing for FOnewearl, this parameter did not affect either the dropout of items or the crit damage of the weapon. That's why I'm asking the question in general. I'd be happy to know what it does. Thank you for your attention
  8. Hi all! Faced here with such problem. Made 20,000 kills, but he does not want to turn into an adept. What's wrong, tell me?
  9. I mean the icons in the lobby above the characters. in general, I have a lot of questions about the game, but since I do not speak English, it is difficult for me to navigate the forum ((
  10. Thanks a lot. Can you tell me how to change character icons? I noticed that many players have different interesting icons.
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