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  1. Parasitic gene "fart", ep3, blackria, normal difficulty, gobbles
  2. im gonna fart so hard in this thread
  3. applesaucin


    Gib to sock for free instead
  4. Vulcan +9 [0/0/40/45|50] [Berserk] -8pd I would buy these for 3 farts
  5. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GGp03lY3_pc
  6. Damn man. And we all thought @Kotta was crazy! XD
  7. Welcome indeed. Be careful of @Kotta. He runs around farting on everyone.
  8. .


    1. Kotta


      :onion-head65: ) how dare you (xD) do this In her profile :onion-head28:

  9. I feel we should embrace custom made quests with high quality rewards, that are fundamentally designed to be difficult. I also think the folders could be organized in a more structured way. Like star difficulties over each quest and recommended team etc. CCC and TOD provide true endgame challenges that are fun to work towards as a team. But you basically can only learn about them through word of mouth or random quest exploration. I feel if you could have a "tier 1 quest" "tier 2 quest" etc. And a little check box next to it showing if youve ever completed them before, it would give more purpose to newer players and avoid that "endgame rush emptiness" it would give a reason (even if optional) to want to get better once you have the perfect weapons. Hell you could give some sort of reward for completing every quest once. Like a purple ppp mag or something. HH is obviously a necessary evil at this point. The camaraderie and fellowship from everyone being summoned by the 'bat signal' is a particularly appealing and unique aspect of ultima (considering the community is frequently cited as the main appealing factor over epihena). But yeah the whole drope rate thing can be discouraging. However its less so since r78 fixed the DAR system. Tl dr; i think theres still room to grow in ultima's endgame pve content. I dont mind rhe idea of shaking up the balance with new weapons making others useless, if the quests / places to use them also evolve. Unfortunately that would require a huge push for the community to learn and use qedit. But maybe lukcy was onto something with that tower of his.
  10. If u dont mind a bit of stimk im always down to farm low level chars the 'honest' way
  11. Everyone should have the fart symbol chat as one of the default ones, when you make a new character.
  12. I think we should all ask that handsome nubesock guy what he thinks. I hear hes the fastest gal wind only roct speed runner.
  13. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EJC-_j3SnXk
  14. I think we should buff farts to be a 100% chance to proc demons.
  15. Hmmm.... Are there any morfo in tod...?
  16. What is the buff to morphos exactly? If its + 1atp then sure sign me up lol. But if its +900000 to evp then nah prolly not xD
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