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  1. As a I said its my opinion, feel free to share or not. The issue of STA has been discussed already in several posts (event drops with impossible rates such as PGF instead of making it permanents) so if I spend the whole event doing like crazy POD and I don't get anything, first it's my problem for stick to that single item instead of hunt the other ones, but the staff problem comes when im forced to do it if I want one of the core items without spending hundreds of bucks. And I'm not the only one in the same situation so the players get frustrated and then the drama begins.
  2. Maybe the complains are legit, because right now is a pain hunt something. It's just a shame watch 10 banners top in HH and make this game a grind fest when the trend in every game is actually the opposite, in my case is simple, ill stay until this event ends and if my effort is not awarded ill just join the leaving crowd. And btw I'm not bitching about the DAR this is my first post about it and my last one, the staff can do whatever they want, but the problem is there, bitching or not. And about the event, If are just PDs its okay but hunt more items with the anniversary event honestly I would pass.
  3. The bug is not related to the original one of this thread, I got the Limiter equipped while I was farming lanterns, then I opened like 5 or so and got that message 5 times in a row, so probably is just a desync issue as you stated. Thanks for the fast reply
  4. Another bug I just noticed, when I opened them with a Limiter equipped appear a message "Not enough kills to unseal it" or something similar then the lantern just disappear without giving anything.
  5. He is asking for the text font, I have no idea, but assface instead of opening a new topic why don't use this one? I dont get the point of opening a thread for every little thing.
  6. Tienes discord tambien, mas cómodo que eso no creo que puedan implementar nada...
  7. Demasiada complicación para conseguir 1PD cuando se pueden hacer facilmente en WOI, no le veo utilidad alguna por que la gente pasará de hacerla. Y de facilitarse se podria abusar (puedes conseguir multitud de items raros si sabes como hacerlo en pocos minutos) así que por mi parte no le veo ninguna viabilidad.
  8. I doubt you have any kind of bug, just bad luck, anyway If I could choose a PD its better for me than a gryphon wing
  9. Un tipo de starter pack para jugadores nuevos con un mag y cosas básicas a un precio asequible, creo que puede funcionar mas a la hora de hacer las donaciones mas versátiles que un cambio de clase. Yo personalmente me plantee al comienzo hacer el cambio de sección y con lo sencillo que es subir un personaje nuevo cuando conoces ya el servidor no compensa, veo mayor la curva de dificultad cuando comienzas que cuando tienes ya un personaje nivel 200 que prácticamente es una linea recta.
  10. Castlevania just launch today in Netflix, if you played the games it's amazing. Just saw 3 episodes and for me it's freaking good (I'm a huge fan of Castlevania)
  11. Thanks for the reply! I guess I forgot how many years have this game and supposed wrongly that everything it's server side. I guess I didn't explain it right, but I wasn't thinking in that. Anyway it would be good to find a way to make the shops more easier to do. Maybe for older players that need specific things its not a big deal, but for new ones its not the same.
  12. The data recorded would be the items gave to the NPC and the PD's he got from players, I'm not sure how PSO system works but every item is associated with an ID in most of the games, (that's I guess the rewards of the quests works to get a specific type of item) so the NPC remove the item with the ID X from the seller and if the buyer meet the requeriments, lets say 10 PD the NPC gives him the item ID X and the counter goes to 10 as I said I have no idea of how PSO works just giving the suggestion based from my experience in other games.
  13. Slightly different, the main reason isn't have the items always online, it's a system to help the process of setting up a shop, because right now you must be pending to check if someone enter your room, show the items, etc... that's why I suggested something like a quest which records the data (don't know if it's even possible). Just a rough idea as example: I run the quest or talk with the NPC X in a room, I choose the items that I want to sell and with the price in PD, the NPC take from my inventory if I sell them and save the PD's. The players who join my room can talk to the NPC to see them and buy it with PD's
  14. What about to make an automated PD shop for sell items? I dont know the limitations of the server to do this (one I guess is the limit of 99PD) but I was thinking in some kind of quest that record data (like the one of the mag event which record the units killed) give to a NPC the items and he sells it in PD and collect from there in stacks or fixed ammounts, this is just a rough idea we can discuss about it and knowing the limits of PSO maybe its not even possible, but I read in forum from some ppl that market is dead and so far, everytime I set a shop I sell a lot of things and the people its interested, but is a pain check everytime if someone connect, show the items.... so I think this is the best thing to improve the situation. PS: I used the search to check if this suggestion has been made already but I didnt found anything, anyway if im wrong apologies in advance
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