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  1. Sonic team armor - Shambertin - skyly - episode 4 - Ultimate btw i'm pretty sure STA is all ID
  2. i wanted to put purplenum xD Asteron Striker - Goran Detonator - Purplenum - Ultimate - EP4
  3. Asteron Striker - Goran Detonator - Yellowboze - Ultimate - EP4
  4. lol i really like to know a bit more on each but the only one operational i have atm is a fonewearl. still my main problem is the shortcut bar xD mine is a mess
  5. ok ok i want to be your secret santa so for the list : -Snow queen -the devil's tail mag 1/174/25/0 -1ps -sjs -stealth sword -yask9m demon with hit -a tutorial on how the hell you guys play force! (this one is my most wanted)
  6. too much thrill we have to to do it again 😛 playing for sphere's realy make it frightening
  7. from now on the new name is Ragol Roulette, thanks C01D1 for the new name!
  8. for now just let it be a game between 2 players, if the game is accepted by the comunity, we can make some public play streamed on twitch and all :p.
  9. pure luck, indeed. i've run some test, the monofluid usually drop aroud the 3rd room. so games shouldn't be long. want to try one game? 😛
  10. oh i forgot about shared drop style x)
  11. Ragol Roulette I want to introduce you to a "new game" rules are easy and simple to understand it's a 2 players based game. the goal is simple: don't drop monofluid. But this game has some easy to learn rules: -The maker has to be in shared drop. -The game has to be made in ep1. -The game mode has to be normal. -The game take place in forest 1. -Having at least one TP user is requiered (i think with only cast it lower the chance, but need confirmation on that one) -You will kill only one monster and let your opponent kill one, before killing anoth
  12. i read this topic this topic in the afternoon, and i think i know a very efficient way to guide new comer, someone need to make you tube video compiling everything, i'm sure it's a good way to spread knowledge very fast. like how to make a game (i'm sure you all have seen someone asking you that), how to set the "1 to 0" shortcut bar, explane how to tekker a weapon, what % is, what is DAR, and what is DMC. for us, veteran these thing are just common sense, but for the new out here it's very hard to understand. i also think that we need to make a guide for EP2 ult. because the difficulty c
  13. ok this has gone too far we need to stop everything AND FREAKING GIVE @Yannv a cookie for this master piece btw @Lipelis, @bobshlibidich @jdhenry124 @ogdark you guys made really good points, but i'm sorry @Yannv take the cake.. xD
  14. @Saber +7 (excuse my english i'm french so i don't know if you'll understand my point corectly) After two weeks of dedication, full commitment and discipline, this the result, a nice tap in the back. So we played on the test server just to train as hard as we could as a team, almost 24h hours in a span of two weeks, doesn't seems a lot, but i may remind you that people have job/life and so on, combine this with the fact that it is difficulty to be 4players online at the same time, for a long period of time, and you'll see the struggle we went through. Concerning the poll for the
  15. would be nice but, i don't think it should be done, if scape dolls stack up to 99, it would be a bit overpowered to have people running around with invulnerability. if you want to reduce your amount of scape doll you can sell them in the shop for some meseta... ^^ maybe lowering the drop rate could be a solution, less scape doll in circulation could open a new way of farming item for pds ^^
  16. ok, you can close the topic, i found a "solution". i went in proprities, then compatibility and exceute this game for windows 7, and somehow it worked... i tried without the setting it worked too...
  17. Hello, so i had this problem yesterday, whenever i launch the game, it crashes after the "sega, sonic team" logo. No error pops up nothing, and the game files aren't in quarentine in some anti-virus software, it simply crash. I tried: -reboot my computer -uninstall/install the game -change setting -remove add-ons nothing really works. so if anyone have any solution, that would be great
  18. next time think before posting, do you really think it is that simple to implament any new weapon in the game?
  19. it already lost demon. it's already enough. just change the classes requierment. this weapon just need to be used by HUcaseal and FO. stop being focus on the RA classes and Hucasst dmg pool.
  20. imo, serene swan, should be restricted by classes, by that i mean, avaible jst for HUcaseal, and FO.
  21. Mysteries of the void does this very well
  22. 3Psy


    Yep its the same drop as last year
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