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  1. Lol y yo quería comprar la suppressed en vez de farmearla pero supongo que no me la querrán vender u.u
  2. Pero eran muchas cosas, más que nada techs, y no quería hacerlo por partes xD No solo serviría para pasar cosas a otra cuenta, también si queremos regalar a alguien algún ítem, que se le pueda mandar sin que tengan que estar online. Sé que en el menú de team hay in opción para mandar item, pero creo que no está funcionando, lo intenté una vez y solo se queda en "sending item" o algo así. Estaría genial si se puede hacer eso 🤗
  3. Something like a mail? Not the chat/letters mail, but for items. I find it hard and struggle to pass some items to other account without the help of someone else... I tried it once by dual client and I messed up and both my characters logged out and everything I had left on the floor... well... you know. It was a noob mistake but... it happens... if you dont know how to manage dual client-ing. Of course it could come with some fee, be it meseta or pds/dts, or anything else.
  4. Devil's horns as shield. There's already a Halo one, why not a devil one? And it goes well with the devils wing or tail mags and demonic fork 😍🤩
  5. Yuniko


    Nevermind this post
  6. Rico's parasol? How much ? And 2x v502
  7. Rico's parasol 12pds Pm when online
  8. Hi, I just wanted to share this and maybe someone already said it but I really don't want to browse through 200+ pages... Not sure if this can be done and it's not something like really helpful cause the game still works great without it... Would be nice to have an option in the menu to "switch character" instead of logging out all the way to start screen. It only saves a bit of time, haha.
  9. Yes! This worked! And every window opens alright. Thanks a lot!
  10. I've installed everything, the font used to be ok before updating to the new repository of soly. I'm using Windows 7. (If that's what you asked, or Virtual fullscreen from launcher) I'll try what you said and update you on the issue thanks.
  11. Hi, I've followed aggrebee's guide on how to install the addons, and they run alright but item and mag windows wont open. Then I updated the mod to solybum's one, and now item and mag windows open up, but the font is unreadable, anyone knows why this happens? how to fix it?
  12. Any idea why the font is like this? totally unreadable
  13. Yuniko


  14. Yuniko

    B> Cent/arm

    Paying with PDs, please message me, IGN Yuni, Yulee
  15. if you get your hands on a cent arm, i'll buy it, ty
  16. Rich!! donde andas >.<

    1. Ricardof14


      Oi.. Fui durmir.. hehehe amanha eu entro pra jogarmos minha pequena ❤️

    2. Yuniko


      no me ibas a vender la hylian? lol ya se te olvido..


  17. Yuniko

    R-78 mall

    Do you still have a hylian shield?
  18. Tiny, hylian shield do you still have it?? If so, how much??
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