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  1. Devil's horns as shield. There's already a Halo one, why not a devil one? And it goes well with the devils wing or tail mags and demonic fork 😍🤩
  2. Hi, I just wanted to share this and maybe someone already said it but I really don't want to browse through 200+ pages... Not sure if this can be done and it's not something like really helpful cause the game still works great without it... Would be nice to have an option in the menu to "switch character" instead of logging out all the way to start screen. It only saves a bit of time, haha.
  3. Yes! This worked! And every window opens alright. Thanks a lot!
  4. I've installed everything, the font used to be ok before updating to the new repository of soly. I'm using Windows 7. (If that's what you asked, or Virtual fullscreen from launcher) I'll try what you said and update you on the issue thanks.
  5. Hi, I've followed aggrebee's guide on how to install the addons, and they run alright but item and mag windows wont open. Then I updated the mod to solybum's one, and now item and mag windows open up, but the font is unreadable, anyone knows why this happens? how to fix it?
  6. Any idea why the font is like this? totally unreadable
  7. Hola 😁✌️

  8. Rich!! donde andas >.<

    1. Ricardof14


      Oi.. Fui durmir.. hehehe amanha eu entro pra jogarmos minha pequena ❤️

    2. Yuniko


      no me ibas a vender la hylian? lol ya se te olvido..


  9. Hola @Larva que tal? Soy tu paisana mexicalense 😆 es genial saber que alguien de mi misma ciudad creó el servidor para uno de mis juegos favoritos de todos los tiempos! Hasta me siento orgullosa de ser de Mexicali jajaja, gracias por haber creado Última y seguir ahí dándole. Si puedo y la economía de hoy en día me lo permite, te haré donación 😁👌👌
  10. Name: Lydia Age: 30 Preferred contact method: In-game Hobbies: Watch asian dramas when I have the time Taking care of my family isn't really a hobby but that's all I do every day Until I met with my ex-gamefriend... this will probably be my number one hobby ^^ Picture: None for the moment, just registered A little more about your self: I started my online gaming life with Dreamcast's PSO, and since then no other game has been the same. If I ever played a game it would have to be online. And just recently I fixed my broken PC, and browsed a little bit about this and that and came up with PSO's private servers... woah! I didnt even know they existed! Well this brings back memories and hope to stay around for a long time Nice to meet you all. (Currently downloading game... >.<)
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