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  1. An upgraded version of the final impact called the Economic Impact which is FI but with vjaya special
  2. is there a way to make it so specific items (if they are chosen to drop), dont drop? people could set up their own drops like we do with the map item colors and would only be usable in individual drop style. would be nice if the field wasnt littered with monomates and lv 7 foies
  3. YO! Been gone a while but have a new broken computer to play on for a bit. I forgot a lot about the game and was wondering two things specifically... 1. Has turning a PS into 99 PDS been implemented? 2. Which quest is for turning 99 PDS into PS? EDIT: Also does anyone have an already edited minimap items file i can have? pls and ty
  4. Can photon spheres be used in PD hit events? I don't wanna turn my pds into spheres before the quest makes them reversible if there is a hit event.
  5. Make new accounts and tell people you're new to server so they give you items. When green names is on its a great way to farm materials (either for use or trade). This is especially useful early on as it is done on normal mode ep1. When playing with other Casts, figure out what traps they're using and try not to counter the status. If they're using freeze traps, don't spam confuse traps. If someone is a DF spammer and they ask you not to resta, that means use star atomizers.
  6. Berserk katana that can drain hp from nearby party members for MORE POWER! Gush katana that can heal nearby party members <--- no one will use this


    1. SelahIsASpot



    2. McLaughlin86
    3. thelionorion



  8. A quest with a PD roulette but with good items with random stats and also 1pd 10pd and 99pd options (maybe not those options specifically). also final impact with charge special
  9. We should have a way to filter out posts with just text (assuming we don't already... I don't know ). Then again, how useful would that actually be?
  10. Yep Solid gold final impact with VJAYA special ( or regular charge )
  11. I'm also a big fan of Chu Chu mag and Chu Chu Fever armor.
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