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  1. Yeah don't worry, DTs are not lost, they just can't... accept them for the moment @Larva should be looking into the problem
  2. Didn't we do it for april fools and 4/20? My 3 days mini-event require that :/ Nah, as I said on Hangouts, I didn't mean the quest, just allowing players to exchange their tickets for Momoka items with a GM.
  3. How would a buff on Arrest Needle make it more balanced between ranger classes? A rifle range would even make it worse as it would mostly benefit Racast and Racaseal because of their paralysis native boost... Ramarl can support so she can be really useful to a team that has no force, and is also really strong solo as she can buff herself. Ramar has the best ATA, especially powerful for using Demon in Tower for instance. I agree Ultima is not well balanced: to me the class that require love the most is Humar, although many people would disagree with me and say Hunewearl is worse, but Rangers are definitely strong enough. But what do users want? As you can see, most people here disagree with that AN suggestion. It is basically making it a DM with higher speed but reduced ATP and no special. I personally think this could have been achieved last year if Ultima Bringer and Arrest Faust were better than they are. Or if Ten Years Blade was actually a drop from Anniversary item. That might make some drama though as some people could get really frustrated farming and not finding such item in the event given time. (like it happens with PGF) That is not going to happen, many people I know have tried PSO2 and most of them came back to PSOBB. PSO2 and PSOBB are totally different, so may PSOBB live forever! Your suggestion is quite foolish while those other recent ideas actually make sense. I believe that was a joke. I don't mind adding "good" items for Ultima though as far as they are not broken or replace any other already existing item. Bomb-chu is a pretty good example for it. Last month I tried to put this into my member title but it didn't fit xD << Shiida of the House Blue Burst, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Pioneers, the Machines and the First Hunters, Queen of Ultima, Khaleesi of Gal Da Val, Protector of the Server, Lady Regnant of the Fifteen Lobbies, Breaker of Epsilons and Mother of Gol Dragons. >> Why not I'd say. If Larva wants, that is. But I need you to change the drop tables for it, I can't do that xD Anyways this is gonna wait because we should start Summer Event soon. Since you're here, I'm asking again, could I reopen the Momoka shop some day? ^^ I may be busy sometimes but I definitely have some spare time for our community, I am working on a new (and my last) quest by the way (gonna take me long).
  4. Those ones were actually not vetoed but rather say... they didn't get a reply. No, Arrest Needle is powerful enough, it can easily replace DM in many situations and not that hard to get.
  5. You don't remember which email you used to register YoungLink either?
  6. You are correct, MST and LCK don't go beyond the limits, but the plans are fine. For Fonewm plan, although Hylian shield is mentionned, all the listed max MST alternatives actually consider using any shield (so not only Hylian shield but also merges, Alis, Vol Opt or whatever) RR costumes and Hylian shield all give the same ATA and MST amount to the character stats (0 and 20) which is why they are usually listed together for the same max plans, but RR costumes give an additional bonus (all stats but MST and LCK) to your final gear stats. I guess it can be confusing to see them listed together for a same configuration while RR costumes are actually better because of that bonus.
  7. Wonder who. For most classes people usually max three stats first: ATP, ATA and LCK.
  8. For the future status updates, please no more than one per person at a time. If you want to add something else, just add it to your previous status if it is still visible. Thanks

    1. McLaughlin86


      You're welcome

  9. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/account-management/account-recovery/
  10. Requested to make 3 different mini events in the past few months (including Momoka shop) but none of them got an approval.
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