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  1. it seems many time i up date my launcher and the names of many items and wepons have been change, it takes time getting use to the new names but i rather have the orignal names on my items imean my milli is commander blade, my rough cannon is soferino,my frozen shooter is rocket punch o ant this is for androids"rocket punch". my 100 souls has been change to lincray a force wepon, and my daylight scare if get this it just wrong Fifth anviversary blade. and who know what they will put for my ultimate reaper??d game name is, main careter is ghostm, i mostly play as cool. cool is my game playing careter. iiiii
  2. With the events and even without the events there is no price list for the centurion items so : as you can see this is a bit of a problem for them that farm centurion to sell later on like how much is a CENTURION BATTLE really worth some have this idea that the price for this items is to expensive like u can only buy this in dollar tickets. so I asked around only to find this is worth 132 photon drops precisely. But there is an adjustment to the price because, player prefer to buy this in dollar tickets something to do with adding hit, any way the price rises for 132 to around 200 photon drops. let face it 200 pds is not an easy thing to do and there u have y I am asking about centurion prices. A far as centurions go I think the list is Centurion, battle, technique, leg, power, mind, I don't know if there is a centurion devil unit or a centurion hell unit is there is some one let me know. so if u have a good idea about the prices on centurion units let me know...…….. PSOBB ULT: ID:COOL: RANGER, LEV 200, ORAN.
  3. as for spreed needle well hit is a good idea but that can be done at any time you have enough pds i just making a suggtion get a sonic item and change the spread needle to a arrest needle it just a time saver and a much more power wepon. maybe it the wrong post any way if this is a gm well can u see if u can  run a anti virus program on psobb ult cause my avast antibvirus program tells me it has a virus....ALEXSIA  so this way i can  get backin in the game im from team pro/ghostm/slim/cool/speedl tks keep up the good work.



  4. lol last carecter name is slim ok need help to get back online i know my password and carecter name is right this is for soly to help me out who is this
  5. I had just finish downloaded my game before my a vast said that the psobb had a virus so could not get back on now i got back on for one game and it crashed then when i when back to the game it say wrong id or wrong pass word i was reading somitng about vonline or somting not sure how that might fix the problem. o online im from team pro cool/ghostm/speedl/ cannot remember name of my last carectere rightnow
  6. just going to hunt some wepons any one know of good stuff to hunt for a ranger cool level 200 seems i have a lot of stuff most of the time when i dont have pds to buy new wepons i go on a woi suerside hunt to get 100 pds at all cost lol fun game the 100 pd challege in woi. guess i have to start one tomorrow (tuesday 32,2017 1:27) dont know if i start doing a quest today or tomorrow now i at a public libray lol .
  7. to SOLY it seems that the new "test server" don't let me enter the game it tells me that i have the wrong password i enter the game in the launcher as "ghostm" and i know my password is correct. I dont know what wrong with my game or the new test server maybe it because it is a test sever that this is happening. I am from team prom my players are ghostm, slim,speedl,and cool. i will most likely uninstall the game and reinstall to see if this will correct the password problem tks Edited by Lemon: removed email.
  8. what is the anivesery event


    1. MadOrNah


      Luis try looking here I don't think he'll reply.


  9.  not shue of what going on here 

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    2. Mieu


      Thank you.  I appreciate it.

    3. Luis Alberto Alomar Flores

      Luis Alberto Alomar Flores

      ok done for now if u in team pro u can look me up


    4. Mieu


      Same.  I do not use the "Mumble Server" ... but you can find me in the "TeamSpeak" (F9) Menu.

  10. im not to sure how you get 2 pds in ids and i dont know what them letters mean IDS as far as getting 2pds i dont even know how i did it but i did so it is posible to get 2 pds in ids in normal i'm just guessing go fast donnt get killed as to any special information on this i dont know all i did was play and i got 2 pds one in a room with a lot of them small flying thing dont rememeber the name and at the room where the pd is in the conner in the box .. idid this with my Ranger 200lv. and a milli maxteaux with the beat on. and a arrest needle also use electric tec ranger name is cool. also i did it in single mode
  11. THIS IS FOR THEM THAT PLAY PSOBB ULT It seems like every time i want to sell an item i have the wrong price for instance the heavenly power in the Evolving Price Guide it says its 15+ pds and yet the player claim that the item is free or its 1pd. maybe the guide is still right and the players dont like the idea of haveing to pay 15 pds for a heveny power but if centurion cost form 6 pds and up as far as i know then i think it only fair that if a heavenly power is at 15 pd i can sell it for 6 pds ...... and it seems that to players all items cost less than 6 pds i mean come on a heaven punisher for 15 pds i thinkit cost more it a good price for the buyer not the seller this happens with many itesm i try to sell the players always want a lower price the seller want to sell at a higher price and both have to come to a conclusion..............seller have to over price just to compensate for loss or put a no change price in the selling deal. i guess what im trying to say is this........................ are the prices int the psobb evolving price guide accurate...???? these are the names I use in the game COOL/SLIM/GHOSTM/SPEEDL these are my 4 player names for now. my real name is luis alberto........... ok im going back to the internet now.. have a good one
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