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  1. Where were you 18 years ago?  RIH  all the souls who lost their lives on this day .   Such a sad time. :(  


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    2. Virec


      I was a senior in high school sitting in my literature class when this happened.   I remember my teacher dropping to her knees and immediately  broke out in tears,  then we turned on the TV and witnessed something that would change the world :( I lost my uncle ,  he was a firefighter with the NYFD.   Every year after 9/11 his memory grows stronger with me.  

      @Emewn  I understand you have a difference of opinion on this than most of us, and thats your God given right but please show some respect as some of us went through a hard time during this tragic event and we dont share your insights on this.   

      Thanks everyone I appreciate your comments.  


    3. C01D1


      Very sorry for your loss Virec. Your Uncle was and is a Hero. Be Strong and be proud all the best to you and your family during this extremely difficult time of the year and every day after.

    4. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      I remember being in Technology class, 7th grade when that took place. The sting of hot glue dripping on our hands in the middle of the project we were working on did not compare to the pain and fear of being told that the Twin Towers had got hit that very morning, killing many people.

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