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  1. I'm coming back (again)! What have I missed?


    1. lildavid07


      TONS  of forum drama ecks dee:onion120: although welcome back @Vulgaris

    2. MadOrNah
    3. Vulgaris


      Well, I can't say I'm sad to have missed forum drama haha

  2. B>HS with 25+hit, pds and/or dts S> Cent/Mind

  3. Price check on Heaven striker with hit anyone?

    1. radezz


      blank is 15pds. goes up from there depending on stats and hit. how much hit?

  4. Price check on heaven punisher with hit anyone?

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    2. Vulgaris


      ugh well now i feel like an idiot! I meant heaven striker i guess. one that doesnt merge with OS

    3. Ricardo Gomes

      Ricardo Gomes

      hp with hit its just for colletion only since OS is easy to find on good stats, so hp should be around 15-25 pd, except if its a great stat one

    4. radezz


      so you got a heaven striker with hit then? Blank is about 15pds. How much hit does it have?

  5. Price check on Cent/Mind?

    1. solo guy

      solo guy

      I think I saw 1 for 10 pd so around that price : )

  6. How much are power mats and luck mats usually?

    1. Cyane


      luck mats go for 1-3pd, power mats go for 5 1pd when there are not rare event and 10 for 1 pd during rare events.

    2. Michael Verdon

      Michael Verdon

      what about mind mat?

  7. How does on obtain dark meteor? Donating? or do you have to trade for an existing one?

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    2. King Ra

      King Ra

      You can't donate for a pgf anymore so the only way is by the event or trading another person

    3. Vulgaris


      Oof that's rough haha

    4. Blaster_Tails


      Good, there are enough noobs using them as it is

  8. Price check on heaven striker? %'s don't matter

  9. So I'm working on my first RAmar, and I have no idea what I'm doing as far as stats, mag feeding, or even gear for that matter. I've found a few threads on here about gear that was useful, and some material/mag plans, like one from Fyrewolf. But I'm not sure what to feed it, if I need to level it up on certain characters, or how many of what items to give it and in what order. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  10. The cake is a lie.

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    2. Wayne Jones

      Wayne Jones

      what about the pie then :"L

    3. leezy


      Wayne I got brownie

    4. theroyalrabite


      Wayne, Kitty has sandwiches. : P

  11. Back from Israel and ready to kick some ass on PSO!

    1. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Welcome back Vulgaris.

    2. Cyane


      oww xD wish epsilon had them booty

  12. Going to Israel for 12 days. See ya'll when I'm back!

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    2. Grimoire Greys
    3. snowfox


      I hope you have a nice time! :D

    4. Malxerz


      Don't get missile'd D:

  13. B>limiter PM me!

  14. My main character is a Force named Moses... and I just got this as a random reward from Dangerous Deal with Black Paper 2. I didn't even know this was an item in the game.... Fate is calling.
  15. B>Hylian Shield

  16. B> Mother Garb+

  17. Price check: Centurion/Mind

  18. I'm getting a little confused/frustrated trying to figure this out haha. I'm trying to simply find out, what the base mst is for Fonewm at lvl 200 on this server. And is the max mst still 1500? I've read online that base mst for fonewm at 200 is 1098. But in browsing the forums here it was suggested that all characters on ultima get a base stat boost of 100. Does this mean at 200 my fonewms base mst will be 1198? Is the 1098 number I cited incorrect? Am I losing my mind?
  19. Hmm after doing some research and some math, It seems that my mst will be maxed with just the 195 mag and 16 mind mats. Actually if my math is correct, I could drop 10 mind mats as well and not have to use any heavenly/minds.
  20. Right, That all makes sense, but I was under the impression that in order to max out my stats with that mag, and those materials, I would need to use 2 heavenly/minds, which means I do not have a "free" slot anywhere. Unless you're saying my mst will be maxed with just one heavenly/mind?
  21. Alright so I'm looking for some confirmation on a few things regarding my Fonewm. Got some advice from Fyrewolf (thanks buddy!) and I'm trying to max as many useful stats for myself as possible. I'm not 200 yet, but obviously once I get there I'd like it to all be squared away. So I'm looking at a 195 mind mag and using the following materials: 94 Pow, 35 Luck, 16 Mind, 5 Extra. Then for other equipment I'm looking at various weapons but at the moment mainly psycho wand. Mother garb+ for armor. In the armor slots, 2x heavenly/mind, V801 and adept. And finally Hylian Shield. Now assuming that's all good choices and the math works out, I have a centurion/mind that I'm using. But once I get all that other stuff squared away, it's kind of useless for me right? It doesn't equal the same mst as 2 heavenly minds, so I would not gain a free slot by using it. I might as well use the 2 heavenly minds and sell the cent/mind, right? And if I do sell it, what are cent/minds going for these days? Thanks!
  22. Price Check: Hylian Shield

  23. Found an Elysion with 65 hit lol

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    2. Fyrewolf5


      ill buy it off ya if you feel like selling it

    3. fatboy
    4. Vulgaris


      Fyre, I'm open to offers!

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