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  1. Hello Ultima, How's everyone?

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    2. dmoney1969


      I probably be on this weekend. Hit event :D

    3. Cyane


      ohohoh good luck hoarding!

    4. TripleR


      What up D dollas

  2. The world is in crisis and everyone chasing Effin Pokemons.....I gtg a Squirtle just popped in front of me.  :P

  3. B>PBC  10 dts

    1. Callum Johnson

      Callum Johnson

      I have one for sale, make a lobby please :)

    2. dmoney1969


      Sorry stepped out for a bit. im home now

    3. dmoney1969


      Still looking for one

  4. B>Cent Battle 30dts

  5. Did around 30+ runs of Weather effects with 2 players during HH on Play style 1 Yesterday.  Horrible results. Back to solo for me.

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    2. dmoney1969


      Think I saw one banner During that HH for C battle. Maybe rates were raised I dont know.

    3. leezy


       yeah i only found one running weather effect,,,,oh will

    4. Misombre


      Well one of the issue is the dropstyle 1 to begin with. If you're playing with a friend you trust as duo, don't use it, you'd be better off rolling a dice together to know who will got the drop, then do the run normally with dropstyle 0 in my opinion.

  6. S> Cure/Greed

    1. Misombre


      Ok but only if you equip a cure/lies&delusions before.

  7. B> Cure Stupid

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    2. Misombre


      Education is the cure for ignorance. Stupidity only stops with death, revelation or horrible pain.

    3. Midori
    4. dwalters98


      sorry, I'm afraid you can't equip that item....

  8. When people make stupid posts we need the option to Down vote 

    1. dmoney1969


      People I find most annoying are ones that will bid one pd more than the other guy when  the item selling is going for high dts amounts.   person 1 bids 30 dts, person 2 bids 35dts and then<insert name>  goes and bids 35dts and 1 pd after them......Die please

    2. velociti


      le upboat


      leddit cancer hivemind

  9. B> PSO2 Drop system.

    Soly for President!

    1. Midori


      I would love to play this game multiplayer. Let's work together and find those event items! Soly, please add the new drop system.

  10. All we need now is the PS02 drop system in place. 

  11. Is Larva working on a new Donation list?  I don't see one anymore

    1. Soly


      Go to news and announcements

    2. ryukin
    3. Soly


      Haven't added many links in the forum tabs.
      Just recently added some direct website links.

  12. Wow site running a lot faster today. Hopefully it will stay this way.

    1. TripleR


      Seems to happen every morning, before dropping off dramaticly late in the day haha

    2. Shisui


      cy told me that host gator is having some problems.. so just patience c:

    3. dmoney1969


      yah your right Justin. A lot slower now....

  13. Are we going to have the PS02 drop system in place before the Summer Event?   "keeping fingers crossed"

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    2. dmoney1969


      Thanks Soly this is great news!

    3. Soly


      Yeah... It should be going before or with summer event.

    4. KILL


      Lol es q no se poede con roct solo y todos ya tienen su gente con quien siempre juegan y weater effects esta muy largo para pocos epsis v:

  14. I Like how you can upvote people's statuses now.   I feel there should be a down vote option tho...I love drama

    1. R-78


      You can still downvote ;) ... after you upvoted.

    2. Midori


      I called some people out on their bullshit in the past, and since they couldn't argue against it, they resorted to downvoting my posts whenever they saw them. It's nice that sort of immature behavior has been stopped.

    3. Misombre


      @Midori I couldn't agree more

      Though upvoting can be a bit on the immature side too.

  15. You lived ur life for that one moment....RIP Hodor you will be missed

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    2. Midori


      Oh. I don't watch American TV.

    3. Lend0ri


      Spoilers nice

    4. dmoney1969


      @ Midori one show you should watch

  16. RIP Hylian shield dreams

  17. B>Hylian Shield Pm your price tyvm

  18. B> Hylian shield and MG+ PM ur Price pls ty

  19. B>Hylian shield 25 dts & also want MG+ pm me price

  20. B>Hylian shield 20-25 dts PM me

  21. B>Hylian shield 25dts +1 pd Pm me

  22. B> Hylian Shield 20 dts pm me

  23. B>Hylian Shield 20 Dts PM me

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