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  1. So,whats good?

    1. Cyane


      it's still day is good

  2. That the problem with the new generation of gamers. They are soft and lazy. Expecting to be overpowered at the start of a game. Giving up so easily and early. Wanted items handed to them without putting in the time to grind for them. I do not have a problem helping new ppl or giving a few starting items but expecting to be given godlike items makes me laugh. Dont be jealous of other players who are better then you.Look up to them,ask them questions and learn from them so one day you can teach and help another.
  3. yeah,to much going on for me to return to in game related actions. Ill still be on the forums spreading my epicness.

  4. its very easy to get thos 10 lvls and tech back. with all the ppl requesting rollback ur request is not that major. rollbacks sometimes can take days~weeks. you can relvl and surpass lvl 25 before a rollback is issued. just in case you may want to add ur gc and slot. honestly tho I never seen any char below lvl150 get restored because it is so easy to lvl up.
  5. Happy Holidays Everyone!!

    1. Cyane


      happy holidays!!

    2. blitsen


      We wish you a merry Christmas ! And a happy new arse ! :D

  6. Jason David Frank wants to fight him for some strange reason.
  7. I deserve them all because: I am epic! I have more swag then Armando. I have more bananas then Cyane. I play the force class better the Faki. I removed the 900pd debt from Soly I am more friendly then Aiden Payne I am more hardcore then Blitsen I touch more robot booty then KillSwitch I am sweeter then all the honey in team H.I V.E I can speak Al Bhed. Day ec dra pacd drehk du ajan rybbah du drec canjan. I have over 100,000 gamerscore on Xbox live. I have lot of love for the this server. I miss playing with most of the ppl i listed above All thos reasons above aside,I deserve them all because I am Day! I really do NOT want one. I like that you are given them away without some type of unfair event.
  8. B> Cyane's Tainted Soul, Soly's Black Heart. Armando's Girly Swag and Mio's Underwear Collection.

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. Soly
    3. Aiden Payne

      Aiden Payne

      B>fps match against you. It's going to happen soon. :)

    4. Aiden Payne

      Aiden Payne

      Hope all is well

  9. My GT is DayBringer001 Also if you interested,i lead a facebook xbox achievement group https://www.facebook.com/groups/xboxachievementhunters/
  10. Pssssh!!! I would be the best GM ever!(even tho I log in 3 times a month for a total time of 25mins) Yes,even better then you Armando. My epicness out ranks your swag all day every day. I miss you guys/girls/everyone.
  11. I was here. Just checking in to show that i am still among the living haha. Catch you guys/girls next month.

  12. Day

    HIVE - Team Bank

    Lots of good items Makes me wonna create a non force class
  13. Day


    Man that made me laugh so hard that i have reduced you pds debt to 0.
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