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    thats really kind from you.
  2. I cant help without knowing what the talk about -.-
  3. How about using english in english section
  4. I use it with 360 pad im not sure whats wrong need more infos maybe screen , i try to help u when im home
  5. Under9000 alias currey26 has acces to teambank now. ask him for help if u need something from bank.
  6. Under9000 alias currey26 has acces to teambank now. ask him for help if u need something from bank.

  7. Good bye Ultima Good bye my Friends and all Teammates. It was an exiting Adventure i have met many nice People here and found some good friends. I love ya all ILLUMINATI FTW but its time for me to take a break to go on for a new adventure.(maybe i come back someday) Its not easy for me but i cant play longer here like this.(some of you know why) Armando my soul brother from another mother i love ya and we will stay in contact i promise. Your the best Leader and Guy on this Server you gave me a home and place where i loved to be Ganon sry i know it was surprising for you check your pm , thx again for your help and time we spend together u are awesome . Magic Bun thanks for makin me laugh so often your so funny and kind <3 Jonesy the voice you brah are really cool always great to talk and play with u on teamspeak. keep the PR ! its a gift Schranko and El Socko you 2 are really PSO professionals thanks for every lesson and advice u gave me , you have improved my Gameplay/skills and it was always fun to hunt with you guys take care Adore <3 you always brought a good mood in this Team ,so much fun to share some time with you Yuriko thx for the help u where always there when i need help and a good Fo Under9000 thank you so much for helpin me so often ur an true friend in this game wish u the best Izaya and Bull i met you later but im glad for every game we spend together, u both are really cool Wayne thx for helpin me noob to find some fair and good trades thx for your support all the time Rose and Bryan good luck mates always nice to play with you. Poptartsftw thx for your help with PSO2 <3 Church and Angel thanks for that awesome signature real art ! wish u 2 the best <3 to all other members and players on ultima your awesome aswell sadly didnt had time to learn & know you all better Pls support the Team its an awesome family for beginners and experts for normal and other People everyone can find friends , love and fun here. and for those who didnt have much luck with summer event drops i will ask armando to make a raffle when he is back i give 3xpbc and 1xcent/battle for it. pls wait for his topic or post. fare well take care all Arashi
  8. Good bye Ultima once i loved to play here met so much nice and friendly People but its over now i quit i dont play longer like this , and now look for someone else to hate...

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    2. Hybrid


      I will get him back....I hope.

    3. Hybrid


      this is terrible

    4. Hybrid


      BUN don't quit

      Damn it!

  9. Hykaro

    Broken quests.

    Same here 3x yas9k all 0%Why did you change it. I mean if you keep it that way then better delete roct no one is gonna play it after event
  10. u also can reach me in skype if u need help or remind me in lobby/tc/pm
  11. spread needle 30native 55 dark FS 20 native 30 hit Cannon Rouge 35 hit charge launcher 20 dark 50 hit
  12. Hints ? Dropcharts ftw its about time ...
  13. lend 1xHeavenly/arms and 1xcenturion ability
  14. you should respect and i respect you , you protect me , i protect you and if you need a place to run to , ya heres a place you could come to

  15. I cant arrest delbiters with cast +90 hit arrest needle +freeze before
  16. returned Heaven/technique FTD and Heavenly/power
  17. Also i will add many items today inlcuding 3x200 mag and lots of techs 28,29,30
  18. Hykaro


    After we get dropcharts i switch to best id for c/b I can help u then and also 50 def mats find me ingame today We found 6x c/b so far with roct dont waste psy bridge pls
  19. Ok guys find me or schrank today in lobby
  20. Hykaro


    What about the 100 pd story:) Bro just hunt one:)
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