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  1. I reinstalled it and nothing...please help lmfao. No way I will ever be able to play with Ing. Wtf is this. Bullying against feminism.
  2. So I've always had issues getting into a room if someone has 100 souls equipped. I was reading around here last night and found that someone re-installed their game and it worked so I did the same. But now I get this problem... Only that guys Elenor mag was showing up on my screen. Nobody elses Mag showed up or anyones weapons. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Probs a few will be VH but mostly are ULT.
  4. Im aware of the f11 thing. But my controller stops working too. That has nothing to do with f11 so im sure its not that =o
  5. I have no idea why. Second time it happens tonight. I'll be playing and out of nowhere I can't move or attack. I can type but not press enter. Nothing works. I have no idea wtf is this. HELP. I'm not even computer smart to figure this out so ~gl~ to whoever helps me. You will need lot of patience, lel.
  6. Okay, so I think posting a picture of myself is the right thing to do...here it goes...
  7. Where are all my fellow lesbians in Ultima at?

  8. I am a very strong independent feminist.

    1. Malxerz


      Triggered! Don't forget lesbian too :v

    2. Cyane


      don't believe you can be feminist when you are married to cy

    3. Zoomcat7


      Ok Ronda rousey

  9. Because I'm either retarded or there is no actual birthday thread for you? Anyways, ilysm. Hope you have an amazing birthday and keep being the beacon of light that this server needs in it's darkest moments. I just got around to reading the birthday PM you sent me in May, oops, lel.
  10. 1. Went to see waifu Leilanie I win?
  11. Bitch, you are NOT allowed to leave. But I'm sure this is just your April's Fools joke. But if this is real best believe I will smack the shit out of you. kthanks.
  12. Omg, who will be my sweetheart and just gift me these items?! Thanks in advance. <3
  13. *insert bitching rant about not winning here*
  14. 1.In "Jak 2" how many people went through the rift gate in the end? 2 2.In "Ratchet & Clank" series, who is Dr. Nefarious's butler? Lawrence 3.How many summons are available in "Kingdom hearts 2"? 4 4.In "Kirby superstar", what gives Kirby invincibility? Candy 5.In "Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil" what's the name of Leorina's sidekick? Tat 6.What gender is Nights in "Night's: Journey of dreams"? Genderless 7.In what game did Sonic make his first appearance? Rad Mobile 8. In "Spyro: Year of the dragon", what kind of bird is Sgt. Byrd? Flying penguin 9.Which character from "Rayman M/Arena" resembles Ly the Fairy? Tily 10.What is the name of the animal that Coco rides in "Crash Bandicoot: Warped"? Pura 11. in "Sly 2: Band of Thieves" what is the name of the secret member of the Klaww Gang? The Contessa 12.In "Phantasy Star Online" what's the percentage of water found in Ragol? 78%
  15. I read the title and I thought this whole thread would be about me. We all know I'm like Ultima's Sweetheart. xoxo
  17. I'm back for now Ultima. Hope to see my bitches around. xoxo

  18. I think this is good idea but it has to be done with huntable items rather than PDs.
  19. Nigga pls i was not invited for dis. I expect an invitation on the mail next time.
  20. Well this seems a really shitty way to treat members of the community. No wonder some of us are just about done with all of this. This is beyond ridiculous.
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