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  1. get rid of the dts system and roll back the monster evp buffs. move event drops to regular table , start removing some junk items in turn. why the fuck is pgf a once a year drop? Im trying to think of another game that pulls some shit like this but Im pulling blanks. time gated hunts are cancerous and only encourages players to play on a cycle. add a item that functions as dts currently do. im sure the only thing people do with dts is add% so that should not be too hard to facilitate. sure this might be a old game but that is no excuse to let it run so poorly. psobb servers are flavors. ephinea's vanilla might be the purest and best tasting but I can't help but want chocolate sometimes why is real life money the premier currency in a game as old as this one? shit EA could brand this server and I wouldnt know the difference. shit aint hard ya'll just dancing around the most obvious flaws. as always though with these "addressing the state of the game" posts , these always get buried and forgotten about.
  2. S>100/100/0/100 PR  , Iron Faust Set 0/100/0/100/80 ,100/0/100/0/80 , Centurion/Battle

  3. S>100/0/100/100 PR 100 DTs , 0/100/100/0/80 Hundred Souls 100 DTs , Iron Faust 0/100/0/100/80 & 100/0/100/0/80 90 DTs Each or 170 together.

  4. B>50/0/0/50/50 calibur or 0/50/0/50/50 arms.

  5. S>POST , Chromatic Orb.

  6. S>60 Hit Psycho Ravens 50 DTs , 0/40/0/55 Suppressed gun 5 DTs , Three Seals 4 DTs , POST 15 DTs.

  7. B>Type SH/Shot Hell

  8. B> Luck Materials. Offering PDs or DTs.

  9. S>340 Power Materials 5:1.Offers accepted.

  10. A sort of bounty system whereas one or several mobs are randomly selected/hand picked to receive a slight temporal rare drop rate or DAR boost. Perhaps every now and then you could have them drop items of your choosing and or novelty items. Thought it would be a cool way to bring people's attentions to farm for mobs they normally wouldn't , like Pan Arms or something.
  11. Join the Darkside of Dank Meme Profile Pics


  12. B>Hit Ultima Reaper

  13. S> Yas9k 80 hit Demons

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