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    So the Ganondorf Shield stats have been revealed, and seeing how rare the shield is and considering it is so close to become an endgame item, I would like suggest a few modifications on the shield stats, as I believe it was mostly designed to be used by Forces, and become a melee suited alternative to Hylian Shield, which is used for nuke purposes. My initial plan was to use it in a combination with Godric's Cloak. Godric's Cloak is an exclusive armor for FOmar with the following stats: DFP:155 (+10) EVP:300 (+0) 0 EFR 30 ETH 0 EIC 0 EDK 20 ELT (All Stats + 30, Gibarta 200%, Gifoie 35%, Rabarta 85%) And the brand new Ganondorf Shield stats are: DFP: 90 (+75) EVP: 20 (+30) 35 EFR 40 ETH 0 EIC 40 EDK 0 ELT (ATA +20, LCK+20, Rabarta: +60%, Lvl. 180, All classes) Here are some considerations: Its DFP is really good (specially if you are lucky enough to get a maxed GS), but the EVP is really really low, specially compared to uber shields like Red Ring DFP:130 (+85) EVP:212 (+25) and Hylian Shield DFP:120 EVP:245. The EFR (fire resistance) and EDK (dark resistance) are great on this shield, it is one of the very few shields that have a combination of the two most important resistances, it really shines on that. But it does have one drawback that none of the uber shields have, it lacks EIC (Ice resistance). All of them have at least 30 EIC. Safety Heart, which has heavily buffed from vanilla and is basically a female exclusive Red Ring, have an impressive amount of 50 EIC. Considering RA technique boosts, Hylian Shield boosts Grants +100%, Razonde +60%, Rafoie +75%. Psycho Bridge boosts Rafoie +85%, Rabarta: +95%, Razonde +85%. Considering SI technique boosts, Alis' Resolve boosts Foie +35%, Barta +35%, Zonde +35%. Glide Divine V.00 boosts Foie +200%, Barta +100%, Zonde +100% Quasar Staff boosts Barta +120%, Gizonde +60%, Rafoie +60% (you might prefer PB for Rafoie since it is better and also reduces TP consumption) Considering GI technique boosts Quasar Staff provides the best Gizonde boost, Magical Piece boosts Gifoie +40%, Gibarta +40%, Gizonde +40%. There are no shields that boosts GI-techs better than the vanilla ones. Gibarta Merge (30%), Gifoie Merge (30%) and Gizonde Merge (30%) are individually better than Virus Shield: Vol Opt (20% All Gi Techs). Gibarta is a really slow and pretty much useless technique, there are no situations where it is better than Barta (specially considering Barta pierces) and is very fast. While Ganondorf Shield gives the best Rabarta boost, this techqniue is really harmful when playing in group because it triggers a lot of Damage Cancel (DMC) and when on dessync games, makes enemies not targetable by other players if they get frozen, which essencially makes this technique mostly useful for solo mode. Considering that new Ganondorf Shield is already boosting Rabarta: +60% (covering what Hylian Shield doesn't do), I suggest making it boost Gifoie +40% (making it the best shield for this specific technique and thus replacing Gifoie Merge) and perhaps Zonde +200% (Zonde is also an useless technique compared to Gizonde, which is very fast and hits multiple targets, so why not give hit an huge boost for fun? 😛) or a Gizonde + 40%. I'm not too worried about Zonde because Alis's Resolve already boosts that technique. Either Gifoie+Zonde or Gifoie+Gizonde combo would be ideal. Those changes would make that shield a perfect combination with Godric's Cloak, making it essentially a very nice combo for Fomars to perform well on any Episode while meleeing. So I'll put all arguments in a nutshell. My suggestions are: Give Ganondorf Shield more EVP, at least 150 as base. Add at least 30 EIC (ice resistance) so FOmars don't get rekt by Dark Falz Rabarta and Ice Floor Traps at CCA/Tower. Make it also boosts Gifoie by 40% at least so it replaces the vanilla Gifoie Merge and perhaps makes it boost Zonde/Gizonde as well. That's all I have to say. The shield looks really cool (although IMO I can't imagine something so colorful being used by Ganondorf lol). Here's a picture of it being used on a FOmar + Godric's Cloak: That 0 EIC though ☠️ EDIT: Also I made two alternative skins for Ganondorf Shield. They are modified versions of the ones released by Kamui S. with a Triforce symbol on it. Purple Ganondorf Shield Cursed Ganondorf Shield I'll put a download link and instructions on how to install it if there are interested people.
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    Hello all, I posted a video of the efficiency of spamming first room in LHB for the hunt for Bombchu and Ganondorf Shield. You can stand on the right hand side on the dark spot about two tiles back and hit the Merc with Serene Swan without them hitting you and without getting hit by the Blue Flowers from behind. Rinse and repeat good luck with the event. I have with team and solo versions. WITH TEAM SOLO ATTEMPT IS HERE
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    Interesting this is the same thing people tell me on this side of the world. Listing starting points of every 3 hours HH in this month, my time (GMT +2) 00:00 Tuesday, October 01 01:41 Tuesday, October 01 04:45 Wednesday, October 02 18:37 Wednesday, October 02 04:50 Thursday, October 03 22:00 Thursday, October 03 04:26 Friday, October 04 01:14 Saturday, October 05 04:10 Sunday, October 06 21:02 Sunday, October 06 20:57 Tuesday, October 08 05:02 Friday, October 11 22:18 Friday, October 11 00:18 Saturday, October 12 15:42 Saturday, October 12 (now) Feel free to convert the list to your timezone (I don't know what it is) and tell me if it was unfair to you. Preferably in a PM because we are unnecessarily pinging all the topic followers. And just so you know, it was not the only HH in the Week End I planned to do, and I am sure Serverus and Protoss will do some as well.
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    Congratulations!!! 🤩 Well deserved.
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    yes i also had test with Hell Type SH/shot on Morfos work not because the summer event buff are still inside
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    Can we have the summer event monster buff to morphos removed? He didn't notice that I was shooting him with a hell shot.
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    Greenill - Marissa A - Episode 4 - Ultimate - Great Fairy Sword
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    Congratulations on your bling bling name!!!! Well deserved!!!
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    These were the rates back in 2017; maybe around the same rate i guess, maybe harder who knows
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    Just so everyone knows, official stats and picture of Ganondorf Shield have been added to the original topic.
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    Cent Arms - Sinow Blue - Mines Ep1 Ultimate Redria Bug Catching Net - Merissa A - Crater Ep4 - Ultimate Redria
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    Fire Rod and Bomb Chu confirmed on Red ID. Epispde 2, Tower.
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    I think one of the two little plant dudes in ep2 Greenill ultimate drops godric/ability? Also ultimate ep 2 Del Lillies for Redria drop Bomb Chu Also also ultimate Redria Gibbles for Fire Rod
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    I think that’s the point of a password. He doesn’t wanna get swarmed. Specially if a person has 27+ weapons to redeem. Just be patient lass
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    I usually have the game freeze when I click the armor shop guy, i just avoid him, also game boots me if I deposit mesta unless I JUST entered the game then its a 50/50 chance of boot.
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    Sell blank PR grinded for 99pds pm me
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    Usagi hours 180 mins :3
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    You forgot the Rabarta boost 60% Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    welcome back pushan
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    Boomrang- Oran -Dark Gunner Ult Ep1
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    Whitill : Centurion resist / Ep1 / Ultimate / UNKNOW (HOD1] Whitill : Boomerang / EP1 /Ultimate/ Dark Gunner Whitill : Sacred bow / EP1/ Ultilmate / Delsaber
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    Mastersword Dark Falz Bluefull Ep1 ultimate
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    Redria - Mil Lilly - Ultimate - Episode 2 - Wind Mill Redria - Hildetorr - Ultimate - Episode 2 - Rabbit Wand Redria - Hildelt - Ultimate - Episode 2 - Flowens Sword (3082) Redria - Crimson Assassin - Ultimate - Episode 2 - God/Technique Redria - Barba Ray - Ultimate - Episode 2 - Twin Brand
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    This time I had to do some slight decision making, which is good thing in my opinion so even with the price increase I easily added a looooooot of hit and here is my big THAAAAAAANK YOUUUUUUuuuuuuu ✨ Cheers UltimazStaff 💖
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    what's up with all that status spam
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    B> 12x Item Ticket. PM me, I'll pay well
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    Gesse, you can edit the music however you want. I hope you enjoy it. (There is a texture folder in the root of the PSO folder containing stuff which you can use to further edit your game.) Rashan, sorry for the wait. I was finally able to test Suppress Gun thanks to Guts, and I have not crashed a single time using Terror's PSO folder. I recorded the testing of Suppressed Gun in this video at 1:19:12
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    A drawing I did of my RAmarl insepecting a last swan. I was too lazy to finish coloring it, though.
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    He's my husb--NPC. he's my favorite NPC. So I like to draw him a lot. the last pic features Ash and my FOnewearl, Orchide doing requests helps me break through the art block, so also feel free to request/suggest things for me to draw (not just Kireek-related)
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    Sky - Gi Gue EP2 [Ultimate] - Power Glove
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    at least sega and Nintendo are going to sue me (what an honor 😛) and another person won't attack me for stealing their skin
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    You actually can hell the Morfos (they have 90 EDK iirc) But well, @Larva didn't believe me when I told him they were still buffed since Summer Event xD
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    Fanny Pack where have you gone
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    Also, I eventually realized that I left out the Dark Flow special effect skin. My friend Tobie likes it, so I included it. I found that it's quite useful in the way that it allows the user to more accurately target monsters with the Dark Flow special. I want the perfect Pso folder, so that my friends will enjoy it. And so that word gets around, and more folks join Ultima ftw.
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