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  1. So are we getting a holiday event? Just curious because I really want to try and get my wife angel wing cell for her mag Oh and I'm sure the GM's are aware of this... but I just kinda wanted to point it out. That your forums and on the ultima website are always about a month behind in their events... Like during the anniversary it was advertising for the holloween event and currently its advertising the anniversary event... Not sure if this is just how the web site is designed... but maybe a quick fix is set the web page up as an event but change it to what the next event is with a date that it will start rather then advertising whats has already been done and is no longer active.... Or maybe just set up a template for the website to designate when its just normal play time no event schedules... Just saying... Because its kinda misleading... Any ways thats all from me for now
  2. hey i know im new and every thing... but ill try and promote the server to my gaming buddys and I cant make any promises at this point but ill see what i can do... plus once i start getting regular income im sure i can help out... but right now all funds are wrapped up in bills...
  3. no team yet was thinking of making my own but i think it would probably be better if i find a stable team that is already active to move my mates to.
  4. Name:Nate Age:29 Preferred contact method:forum pm Hobbies:Gaming Picture: A little more about your self: I am a original pso vet... from the days of dream cast ver 1... and 2.. then game cube... then pso bb... and now I am back!!! Thank you ultima server and donators for providing this place of nostalgia for my favorite game experience in my life. Also I play D3 and have a pretty large guild in swtor... but I find myself wanting to log into pso over them all . With that said I am going to probably start having some of my friends migrate them selves over here I hope you guys don't mind a few noobs running around. My wife has also picked up the game and enjoys it. That's all for now. Again thank you guys so much for this game and place to play. See you on the ship. -Alucard
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