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  1. Heart Container isn't actually in this event, it's from christmas presents.
  2. Whether people use it and whether it's good aren't related. People don't use it because they didn't have one, and they didn't have one because they didn't hunt it, and they didn't hunt it because it didn't have a banner. It's extremely strong and doesn't need a buff. Well it's a spear, it's not for slashing. It's also kind of unique in that it's a Rod type weapon that non-forces can use, so I don't want to alter that. All that is aside of whether I could or should alter it, as it has other inherent properties that might be difficult to transfer as well (regens hp, built in heavenly/battle, etc.).
  3. idk about vulcans, but 50hit charge gatlings can show up in the shop in one of the lists, which appears at level 200 for sure. sometimes you can find someone that has extras just because of that. they're nearly identical in stats, so they're still quite good to use.
  4. Latest version of wine should already have that patch integrated and not need anything special applied. Just use latest wine and you should be able to. play fine
  5. I will be around later to fix it for you
  6. Oran Pouilly Slime Ultimate - Guard Wave (regular drop) Redria Dorphon Eclair Ultimate - Centurion/Power
  7. Pretty sure I actually wrote that passage, upon request from cyane haha.
  8. It only works if you don't have something that can target enemies on the back pallete or 0-9 buttons, which is very easy for cast (since it's just normal/heavy/regular attack). If a non-cast did it with a technique on 0-9, that tech could still target enemies and cause a slow-walk, so using a menu is the other option. It's just nicer to use back pallete since you can use the camera button during it. For daggers, the top tier ones are Fury of the Beast (event, charge), Blood Tornado (upgrade from bloody art with blue-black stone), Daylight Scar (Berserk, 1/214 boota all id ult), and Flapjack Flapper (Gush, merissa AA drop on oran 1/4 iirc). There is also Two Kamui, but those don't come with any stats from claire's deal. They do work very well if added to though, and are pretty unique. A simple dls or flappers are pretty easy to get and many people may have spares laying around. A much stronger option would be to go for the twin sword Jizai though. It's made from Guren (1/4 eclair viridia/whitill), and Shouren (bpd2), and is one of the strongest weapons in the game at nearly 900 atp (most strong daggers are around 500-700). Female twin sword animation is extremely good, and a decent jizai isn't that difficult to get, they run maybe 5-10 pds depending on how much stats/hit they have.
  9. The thing is, it often isn't faster. Sometimes it can be, but only if the team is actually coordinated with what they're doing and all strong chars. If it's just a random room than it's terrible most of the time. If you kill someone, they lose their buffs, the force then has to run over to revive and rebuff them, losing damage from another person, and then on top of that, falz can immediately fly back up and restart the cycle again, doing another soul steal the moment he comes down. If you just use lesser gear to attack with at slower rate, you lose some dps but they can heal through it and not die. Then when falz comes down the next time, he returns soul and has a full cycle without having someone. Trying to kill someone and revive them often loses you damage anyway (from that person and anyone helping them), and makes later phases go poorly, so it's usually only if falz can be killed quickly and he chooses not to go up quickly. Also, nobody ever seems to warn the guy they're going to die, it's nice to have everyone on same page.
  10. Well there's a number of mechanics that can make things easier. For one, enemy attack hitboxes are actually miniscule. Even a centimeter of movement can dodge an attack if timed correctly, so being able to bait enemy attacks is a good skill to practice. They have a lot longer recovery after an attack, allowing you to easily flank them and reposition. As for combos, yes 3rd attack does have larger recovery time than the 2nd, however, you can also do things like combo delay (i.e. not attacking as fast as possible); this allows you to keep monsters flinching, so that you can do full combos on them. You have a fair bit of time with which to delay attacks, so practice different timings. Another important thing is to either have a setup that has no targeting attacks on back palette (and none on number keys, just on front pallete only), which is very easy to do on cast. This allows you to hold the back palette key and drop all targeting easily for good movement; the alternative would be to open a menu (quickmenu or full menu, either one). This will prevent you from slowing to a walk, which happens when you are near something that you are targeting. For Hucaseal, daggers, twin swords, and katanas generally have very fluid animations that chain well even without delay. Doublesabers have a bit of recovery at the end, making them more difficult. Partisans also have more forward reach and less horizontal than swords do, as well as better recovery. I can maybe show you some of these techniques in game if you are around.
  11. Only use alphanumeric characters (i.e. just letters or numbers) for the password, no special characters (e.g. - + = / [ ] @#$%^* etc.).
  12. Combo unlocking Cannon Rouge is not a good idea imo. Banana Cannon was not designed for rangers to use. Iron faust is limited to cast. Weapons shouldn't be exactly the same across the spectrum or else you just end up with a clear 'best' option and it gets very stale. If you want a good AOE bazooka weapon for ramar/ramarl, consider hunting a Bomb-Chu in the upcoming Triforce event. It is quite strong on them. It uses card animation so it's actually pretty fast to attack with, and has insane ata so it basically won't miss either. The different classes can use similar gear if you look for it, but the unique differences of individual weapons within the variety of gear is what actually keeps things interesting.
  13. It is possible to cast resta on only yourself. You simply have to drop targets in some way (knocked to ground, weapon recovery, weapon switch, etc.), and then quickly cast resta or queue it up in the quick menu or tech menu, and you will cast it before you reacquire targeting, thus only hitting yourself. Even so, Trimates and Stars are far better than Resta even without playing with people who use dark flow special. They are instant use and require no animation, unlike resta; resta forces you to stand still and do nothing else while the spellcast animation plays.
  14. That's odd. Perhaps try redownloading the installer, perhaps something got corrupted when you downloaded it
  15. Fomarl is generally the easiest overall to gear out and in versatility. Access to female gear, decent growth, high hp, and support skill boost are all helpful for people new to the class, as you can gear out with a lot of easier to access items, they don't need 2 mags to max out and don't have crazy min-max differences like newmans, and are far more lenient on positioning in teamplay. It's what I would recommend to anyone new to the class. Many of her animations are slower than other classes (slicer and shot are uniquely good on her), but she still has decent atp to attack with. Using magic to attack is mostly for solo games and not for team games (causes a lot of issues in team games), but fomarl does have a very strong grants boost which can be ok to use in teams occasionally. Fonewearl is much higher ata, but very low hp and atp limit pigeonhole her attacking capabilities, but she is extremely good at both demons support and solo clearing with magic. Fonewm is about equal to her at ra- techs, has good ata, his atp lacks a bit though he does have good male animations for the most part, he kind of ends up as a jack of all trades that just isn't as strong at any specific area as other classes. Fomar is an atp specialist, being very strong with weapons and having good male animations, but is more difficult to gear out, low ata, and difficult to play well. Forces are generally pretty easy to level since most teams will gladly accept a force. Using Jellen and Zalure to debuff enemies will give you exp when they die, so you can easily tag most things when they spawn. A lot of people will run the boss rush quests to gain exp quickly (TTF / RT / CCA), joining in on runs of these will get you leveled up quick.
  16. You are doing fine still. Just keep feeding it antidotes until 35. Once it hits level 35 it should turn into a mitra (if you raised it to level 10 on that ranger), at which point you switch to feeding it antiparalysis until 50. It should naturally get twins on group b ra too, so you're good on that. After level 50, you'll feed it anti-stuff for dex and dimates for pow. Just feed it up to 44 dex (yes, not 45 just yet), and then start shoving dimates down it's throat until it is lvl 99, with 5def 50pow 44dex. At that point move it over to a vbrw fomarl/fonewearl and feed the last level of dex and it should go sato. The reason to not feed it to 45 dex is so it doesn't freak out when dex and pow are both 45, as it can sometimes do, as tethealla is sometimes incorrect on some of the >= evolutions and can think it's different than what it says it is.
  17. Reputation is not really important. Centurion/Luck gives like, 50 or 60 to your LCK stat, which is your critical hit rate. Goes from ~0.5% at 10 luck to ~20% at 100 luck I think, something like that.
  18. Nice run. I see a few places for small improvements (caves mil lily could have been just HH with df [H can hit both hitboxes and even ohko ob lily with a crit, S generally won't hit both], mines trap could be skipped or single df swing / lindcray [not sure if hunl has identical ri/gu speeds like humr does, but ls is slower than other hg as is], but those are very minor things, this was very solidly done overall, good job you guys. Very cooperative falz at the end. Always fun to watch y'all play.
  19. Enemies in hard multimode are not buffed from vanilla. A multimode hard booma is roughly equivalent to a multimode normal So Dimenian. Also the other problem is you are trying to use photon claw. Claw animation on males is easily the worst in the game, being nigh unusable. I'd recommend making sure you are playing in multiplayer mode and not oneplayer mode, and taking some time to study and practice some of the mechanics. Understanding monster ai and attack range, how to bait attacks and when to move to dodge those attacks, and how long you have to combo delay, etc. Even using just a buster without native, a lvl 40 humar with a mag like that can take out multimode boomas in 2 NH combo (normal>heavy, dodge, normal>heavy, can do with NNH x2 on the oneplayer mode ones). I'm sure you have something better than a 0 stat ungrinded buster to use though. I don't think the issue is with your gear, or with buffed enemies. Multimode ep1 is not buffed at all, and you should be able to take out even harder things than 1p forest at that level with basic gear. You can maybe use a slicer to soften up a group from range, then take them out with a saber weapon to finish them off. 2 combos to kill does not sound like an issue of spongey enemies, I made a humar at level 40 with those mag stats and a blank buster to be absolutely sure of it myself; perhaps just some more practice at understanding their attack ranges to dodge them, or combo delay practice to avoid counterattacks could help you out.
  20. They may not be published anywhere, but I can tell you that you don't need as much as you think. You actually don't need any extra over what you would normally. Sure ep2 monsters do have some higher evp, but also character classes have higher max stats, red ring is an actual obtainable drop, and crimson sword has a whopping 43 more base ata than red sword. That is way more powerful than any monster stat change. On top of that, you can get high hit red swords in roct too. Crimson sword is currently the second highest base ata weapon in the game, you really shouldn't have any issue with it.
  21. Chaos Bringer is weak to ice, not fire (instead of 90/90/90 elementals its 90/30/90 in single). And yea, we do want to encourage people to play together, as that's kind of the point of having an online server. The other thing is that we have events that give unique drops from bosses, we don't necessarily want people to take advantage of the extremely weak stats in 1p mode to farm a drop solo, as that would stifle any interactivity on the server. Vanilla 1p enemies generally have only 60% of the hp/stats of multimode enemies, they are extremely weak comparatively and far quicker to kill with any class. The bosses in question here are Gal Gryphon and Olga Flow specifically, and olga was always extremely difficult with techs regardless (it only applies in ultimate solo btw). There are also other examples of enemies that ignore tech boosts or have high resists or poor ai reactions, I just gave a few examples off the top of my head. Cast kill slimes far better than any force (dt instakill), while many other classes can also deal with gunners faster too with status effects to make them vulnerable and some things that penetrate their invulnerability (such as demons and gush), thus giving advantage again to casts (especially racast/racaseal) which can do some freeze trap>spread needle kills on them. I did main force on gamecube as I do here, but they were still comparatively underpowered, they just felt better to many people rather than actually being better. Despite all this, I have made numerous buffs to force on this server, both to their tech casting abilities and their melee abilities. They clear things incredibly fast with techs when it is possible, it just so happens that it's only really actually 'good' to so in about half of the game, and even then mostly just when you don't have a good team (first half of ep1 and all of ep4). Player classes also have higher max stats on this server as well. Enemy hp in solo mode isn't really high enough to make going barehanded on males worth it imo (iirc on gc it would be 7 vs 8 cast threshold, but idk what it is on blue burst with the addition of v801). Overall, without using anything special you might take a single extra spellcast to kill something on solo mode, but that quickly gets outstripped by other changes with even only basic easy to get things. Tech casting is quite strong on force atm, but it's mostly limited to non-team games because of other inherent issues (like dmc and monster manipulations). It's especially nice when running ep4 as a force to do tech based runs. I really don't think you'll notice too huge of a difference if you intend to play solo mode with spells only and not use anything special that the server has (though like I said, we do have a lot of unique strong tech gear). I know it's a bit of a wall of text, but I hope that helped explain a lot of things. I do hope you are enjoying it here so far regardless.
  22. It's a complicated answer. Monster resists have not been changed in any difficulty. However, in 1p mode for hard/vhard/ultimate, several monsters do have more hp and other stats than they would in vanilla. In multiplayer, ep1 and ep4 enemies are not boosted (besides bosses and dorphon eclair), only ep2 enemies are. So playing in 1p mode it is not quite the same as it would be on vanilla. However, that's not the full answer still. Monsters in 1p mode still have significantly lower hp than their multiplayer counterparts even with the bonus stats they have (e.g. So Dimenian hp 2500/3125/3750 for gc offline, ultima 1p, and anywhere multplayer). On top of that, here we have many items which significantly boost tech damage far beyond what you might find in vanilla. On gamecube you can get a psycho wand and a rafoie merge to boost rafoie by 30% each. On Ultima, you have access to weapons like Pwand (45%, up from 30%), Pbridge (85%), and Hylian Shield (75%), and Ignition Cloak (30%, was 10% in vanilla blue burst), meaning you can get three times the rafoie boost you could get on vanilla. Overall, techs do far more damage on ultima than they would on vanilla. However even so, this is not a game that is friendly to spamming magic. There are no black mages in this game, only red mages. It's not just a question of damage, the game has many issues and designs that are inherently biased against using magic for damage. Things like enemies with specific bad ai reactions to being hit by techs (gunners flee, slimes split, etc.), enemies which ignore all tech boosts (sinows, slimes, vol opt, gi gue, etc.), enemies with insanely high resists to all elements (e.g. Chaos Bringer 90/90/90/100/123, etc.), these are features built in to the vanilla game which ultima has not changed (though sega did modify some resists to account a bit for the last one). On top of that are other problems like poor monster reactions for teammates and damage cancel, which make spamming techs in team games have a significant negative impact on your team. Again, these aren't issues with Ultima server, which has greatly buffed techs to be actually borderline OP in the right areas when properly geared out, but rather issues with the vanilla game. PSO itself is just heavily biased against magic. So it was a really long complicated answer. But yes, you can clear solo mode even quicker than vanilla considering the extra tech boosts we have on gear, despite monsters having more hp than vanilla in solo modes.
  23. Winners for the summer forum minievent have been announced! https://www.phantasystaronlin...summer-forum-minievent-2018/

  24. Thank you everyone for your submissions! After much deliberation (and finally getting a break from irl things), here are the winners! Meme Event 1st Place : C01D1 - Shinroct Tower, Dorlphin Friend 2nd Place : Ruffalufacus - Noobert can't kill Epsilon 3rd Place : Duja - Birds Selling Honorable Mentions : Grill - Mocking Spongebob, Shoutgu - Rapepe, Jade - Fo's Plight, HHawk - Butterfly, C01D1 - Word Select, Duja - Gibbles Got Soul and Alone With PBCs, Trigunman - The Search for C/B Other Participants : Lopedo45, Dutch Ride, RIPBenny, McLaughlin86, Trigunman, Mudkipzjm, Cloor, Frostydom, Shin, Bobshilbidich2 Screenshot Event : 1st Place : Nameless Fool - The Aliens have landed! 2nd Place: Jade - Torch Pose Honorable Mentions : C01D1 - Life's a Beach, Duja Other Participants : Bobshilbidich2, Final Pacman Everyone who participated should come meet up with me in game for their prizes, everyone wins at least the consolation prize. Thank you to everyone who submitted!
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