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  1. There are other glitches (like vol opt glitch) that are allowed. There are also a lot of convenience style addons to the server (like mag timer, monster health, id changes, etc), so I thought possibly this would be allowed. That’s why I asked. As I said, the question has been answered. The thread can be closed/locker/deleted/etc.
  2. I’d like GM clarification on this one. On gamecube, there was a glitch that allowed you to duplicate stackable items (like monofluids) using a stack of photon drops. I haven’t tested it on blue burst so I don’t know if it is even still a thing. If it is still a thing, would the glitch be prohibited on this server for duplicating monofluids/monomates exclusively? Raising a mind mag requires 375 monofluids from level 35-50. That’s 125 feeding sessions, or over 10 hours of gameplay for just 15 levels. This wouldn’t be as bad if I could buy monofluids in the shop, but my character is over level 20 so to feed consistently I have to go to a 2nd character, buy 10 monofluids, bank them, then go back to the character I’m playing and play for 20 minutes before repeating. I would like to dupe stacks of 10 monofluids to be able to keep playing on one character. Or maybe the shop could be changed to always sell monofluids... Meseta is free on this server, so the question is whether there is a blanket ban on glitches like this, or if there are some exceptions. Thanks!
  3. What are the possibilities for new custom mags? i would be very interested in 2 new items: “Ring Parts” and “Earring Parts”. When used on a mag, they would create a “Ring” or “Earring” mag respectively, using the models from red ring and rico’s earrings. One would be a ring floating behind you (single mag offset like sato) and the other would be a double. Ideally these would also be colored according to the mag’s color, allowing for a pink ring, etc. I love Rico’s character and I’d love to have more opportunities to use items related to her. I am planning to build a Rico storyline quest that these would be a good reward for completing (okay, I’m being a little too hopeful on that). I don’t want a broken mag. I’d like reverser on death and 10% health invincibility but the activation rate could be awful if needed. I just want more fun mag options.
  4. After brainstorming and running some numbers... FOnewearl Centurion/Ability plan: Melee mag: 5/76/119/0 Support mag: 5/0/16/179 (or other 179 mind mags. This specific mag can be made using 13 monofluid, 65 antiparalysis, 14 trifluid, 40 antiparalysis, and 5 trifluid in that order to level 35) Units: Centurion/Ability Shields: Red ring/costumes, etc. Materials: - 9 attack - 121 mind - 20 luck Maxes ATP/ATA/LCK or MST/LCK using 1 unit and only swapping mags. Mags can both be normal (non-PPP/custom mags). (I couldn’t figure out the pretty formatting on mobile - sorry)
  5. So wait, does the game use whole numbers for ATA or the full value? That’s what I’m trying to find out. XD
  6. So if I want my actual in game accuracy to be as high as possible, then I go for 54 dex/209.8 ata. Cool.
  7. So I’m trying to get my plans set and I’ve reached a point of confusion. Aiming towards using the HUnewearl C/arms plan, there are listings suggesting having a mag with 53 dex and with 54 dex. These result in 209.4 (0.4 below true max), and 209.8 accuracy respectively. Both are “acceptable” according to the max stats calculator. The person suggesting 54 dex indicates that this was to allow dual use with RAcaseal. Is that the only reason? Or does the game actually recognize that extra 0.4 accuracy? I have my mag sitting at level 199 and don’t want to mess it up at the last moment.
  8. If you are the only member of a team and you leave it instead of dissolving it, will that team name be locked forever?
  9. Ohey, it's you! You disappeared before our last TTF of the night. GG's! The art is amazing. Looking forward to more.
  10. Are we going to get an official drop table for the event? There is only 1 week left.
  11. Whitill, Dark Falz, Normal, bug catching net
  12. @R-78 I can be on in about 3 hours (noon edt), or in about 9 hours (6pm edt).
  13. I was hopping between common and character banks after shopping today, moving items, and it deleted my brand new Angel Wing mag...
  14. While putting some photon crystals in my bank just now, the game crashed out and the mag I just used a mag cell on disappeared from my inventory, character bank, and common bank. Pink | Estlla, Pilla, Milla/youlla | 5/50/45/0 | Angel Wing It just reached level 100 today, bought and used the heart of angel, and was trying to wear it around while playing some multiplayer, and now it's gone. -edit- In case something happens while I'm at work tomorrow- Game account: redria7 Character slot: 1 (Crystal) ID: 42159856
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