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  1. via Imgflip Meme Generator (Just if the first dont count as meme XD)
  2. Yeah xaveria, is matter of luck, did you meet nova while we hunting, we do 3h or more of daily hunt and he has found just a pbc since the event started and we most hunt for CB, also i had 2 cb only but like soly says i hunted since event started for like 4 hours earlier and 3 in the night with my friends. A good friend just told me there is 2 moments in pso lucky 1 when you are the saltiest person ever or when you got banner streak... and its true, happens more than you think.
  3. Did u tried alt + backspace twice?
  4. olga regular drop isn't confirmed yet? (saber)
  5. soul banish/partician of lighting regular drops on skyly (i think they are gi and mericous or wasp one) ep 2 towers
  6. back :P


    1. jezbuz


      Blood tornado. Buy it from me like right now, or give me a blue black stone for it.

    2. Salem11


      No he mean event also Samba Fiesta "demon" 

    3. R-78


      He said daggers.

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  7. now who breaks the monster get first place? didnt got it
  8. gosh i meet you with the "black cat" char, i just told you in my town there is a strip club with that name jajaja. But welcome back travs (im not telling you the full forum name hahahaha)
  9. If R-78 and i are paired how we get the prize? xD a Sudden death of 3 matches?
  10. Can i register my char? and what happen if my lvl 1 char (krillin) dies?
  11. Onepunch man's globe at claire deal 5 recipe "God hand, heavenly tech, centurion battle, adept, wiz res" Fist weapon, all stats +20. +1 techs, 110% natural speed, all resist 15, ATA base 80 atp 1000, Req atp 1000. special berserk or wave (wave would be combo locked). usable by Humar, Ramar and Fomar (btw non stackable with cent battle) Hero costume: req level same as RR with -5 all res, make you bald and grants +15 all res, 200 atp 200 hp when is matched with the globe. Lmao we deserve more fist weapons xD don't blame me T.T. Pic for fun
  12. @soly me eplicas en in box como lo soluciono? esque no entiendo el punto de que no esta actualizado o así y ya no me sirve mis 2 cuentas y la de mi hermano; de como 10 personas solo me llegan mensajes de 6 por dar un ejemplo y es en las 3 cuentas. Ya me voy a dormir pero si necesitas checar mi cuenta comentame inbox y te mando toda la informacion detallada de cuales cards son las que no recivo mails y a que cuentas o lo que se necesite. Gracias.
  13. pues xq con los hh masivos deje de jugar los racast y me enfocaba en farmear, Hoy me meti y aparecio. Igual y se buggeo al mover tanta doll. puedes cerrar el topic
  14. ID: 42178783 Slot: 3 date time: 22/02/2017 1:27 pm utc 0 A esta hora el jugador con el id 42180091 me regreso mi mag "Tellusis 5 155 40 0 milla & yula, leila, dolphin", despues lo pase a este id con el respectivo orden para jugar diferentes personajes 42098345 slot 2 mi banco personal, slot 3 para buscar dragon slayer y despues lo volvi a pasar al slot 2 para guardarlo nuevamente. No recuerdo a que hora o dìa use estos personajes, ya busque en los personajes de todas la cuentas 3 veces y simplemente no esta. la única prueba que tengo de mi tellusis es el chat log y q
  15. buy cent battle 45 dt

    1. Salem11


      I have no DT that forum first time log and do not know where the DT comes from?

  16. delete me XD lmao

  17. quote 30/02/2017
    sell noobs hps 25 pds each



    our current outdated price list says you are overprising them, they worth one monomate.

  18. When you are not salty at all and 45 0 0 50 50 and 0 50 40 0 45 on the farmer char
  19. blaming don't make you beter, being pro don't mean anything, scamming its hopeless, lies are pointless, rages make you dumb and last but not less.... Games are for fun.


    Wish good luck all players this week :) be nice each other its just a game enjoy it.

  20. sell stacks of power mind and hp materials, 4 dts each stack


    buy mille mechs with 30-50 hit and dark

  21. I CAN'T TAKE IT!!! kajex (ehmmm i think saith's fault) god lord why you added pgf drop in these merlans ultimate event drops!!! i starting to hate the pg


    1. kajex


      Parasitic gene rose ftw

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