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  1. Yo I ain't know where to put this, but if anyone remember who i am (i pop up on forums like once a year) do y'all play PSO2
  2. Yo momma such a hoe, her pants have a drop rate of 100% for all ID colors.
  3. Welcome back to the world of the living BTW. lol

  4. The Dodge rolls in PSP2 are great being that they have a stupid amount of invincibility ...PSO doesn't have them so it's gonna be hard to get back in the grove if i decide to play again (being that i still can't time resta's invincibility frames right)
  5. All I hope for is PSO controls, PSO mags, Guard, and dodge rolls...dodge rolls are life savers
  6. Aesop Rock - Kill 'em All "Look I've been around the universe twice, The first time i sat and looked, the second time I broke the Galaxy" NoCanDo - Exploits & Glitches "You ever feel like you can't fit in, in a crowd all alone cuz your friends are in the pen, or up under some b**ch trying to whip the p**sy but the p**sy pulled a pistol, reversed roles and whipped them." EYEDEA -By the throat "The snow won't melt, smoke won't clear Turned hope inside out a thousand times tryin' to see if it was ever anything more than dressed up fear, But the two go hand in hand you can't have one without the other bein' there I'm barely breathin' waitin for these screams to end Beggin' a god I don't believe in to let me sleep so I can dream again We went through thick and thin Came out separate on the other end But please know no matter what you'll always have me as a friend"

  8. Wish I had a DS to get that...but i'm waitin for PSO2 and PSP2 Infinity (even though i just got PSP2)
  9. You know...I might, but atm I've been playing phantasy star portable 2 on psp. Lyle/clyde said wut up?
  10. VALOS.



    P.S. Stay away from the cake, it's a lie.

  11. OHHHHHHH...That shiz was horrible on your end
  12. Parasetic Gene Flow was a banned item...but we got an event for that...so maybe there's hope
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