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    Med student who just wants to play some PSOBB with friends and strangers. Edein HUcast, Senkia HUmar

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  1. How much for the cent battle
  2. I once contacted you about a mag kama mag with these stats 3/182/15/0 with the twins I am still interested and will be around for good this time. Med school has sucked but the worst of it is out of the way. Thank you for your time
  3. Hi my items have the wrong names for instance red sword is called crazy tune . And my rainbow baton is called dark flow. There is no patch or update available. Sorry for the inconvenience
  4. Power Glove white Baranz episode 2 ULT
  5. Lets get our Zelda on PPL!!!
  6. I have been playing this game for awhile and have yet to actually join a team i have played with a lot of you guys randomly but i kind of want to join a team is anyone looking for members. Also i have just started using the forums recently.
  7. senkia

    Random Schmos

    i would like to join as well sent you a pm
  8. Hey guys im looking for a D-Photon Core was wondering if anyone had one they would be willing to part with
  9. Hello awesome people im looking to buy a kama mag with these stats 3/182/15/0 i was just wondering if anyone had one or could make one colors dont matter.
  10. i was playing and i dcd now all my items weps and my mag are gone but i dont have pics (my keyboard is messed up so i cant take them ) could i still get a rollback. also i just started playing does this happen often
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