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  1. When @Fyrewolf5 doesn't want to start a Happy Hour for the poor children of Ultima When you realise there is something strange in your build *_*
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  2. Happy 10 years old my cake
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  5. Hi Everyone; I saw that there was a Fan Art Thread, so -- you know, when in Rome... I scribbled my robot ranger girl below. I'm sorry ahead of time.
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  7. You lie in april is 10/10 animés despite the sadness...
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  8. Hello everyone! Been online randomly but i want to start playing this good old game a little more frequently! I have the original copy of the game for GC and man, have i played this game! I also was on another server (not going to mention the name!), but they deleted my characters (for inactivity i guess), so here i am starting all over again! Yay! Name: Call me Rich or i dunno, use your imagination, i don't mind! Age: 24 (for now) Character: Robotto / Manamini (names makes more sense if you're italian... they're still dumb though) Preferred contact methods: However you want! Hobbies: Gaming, music, cars, my girlfriend (can SHE be described as an hobby? meh), cooking (i'm not good at this, i like to do it but i'm still crap), driving and going out with friends drinking (I am almost always driving, so i don't actually drink alcohol... if i do drink, i get drunk pretty easily)! Oh yeah, i also like memes! A little more about your self: I don't know what to say tbh, i think i said already everything so... Yeah, contact me if you want to play PSO or something else! I also have a steam account or discord if you want to chat or game! Be careful though, i don't speak a very good english...sadly! Ok, i'm out! See you online!
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