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    RR and post for a 50 hit bkb and a guld 25 hit 50 hit bkb alone worth more then rr and post put together something smells fishy imo
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    Happy Hours 150 minutes left
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    Lv 1 with ubber strong items, trading for cheap items, and saying "giveaway" at the end would be worth a report to the gms D:
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    Right here would be a red flag when he says its a giveaway that be my is this really legit items to trade for.
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    During hh drops 1/2 or 50% chance to drop turn into 16.6% chance to drop. 1/2 = 0.5 with hh 0.5/3 = 0.1666 0.1666x100 = 16.66~ 17%
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    http://postimg.org/image/azb99w8td/ the only pic i have you can see my Sorcerer's cane, Angel wings and virus shield but its the only one i have D:
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    I don't know if this helps much, but I can vouch for his stated level of 135. I saw Bean earlier today, and remember noticing that Bean's character had surpassed my character by a few levels. (My character, named Arret, is level 132). So level 135 certainly sounds about right!
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    The Indi Belras have been buffed since last Halloween xD can we please have the buffs removed? Im sure it will benefit others more than myself, and with them buffed as they are now it makes it hard for someone to do hunts on ult ruins for newer players. Hell, I can't even do some quests solo on ep 1 because of them lol. Ep 1 ruins is probably one of my favorite maps but I tend to not play it as much for this reason. If someone could be kind enough to remove the buff im sure myself and many others would appreciate it.
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    I'm sure that larva took note of your desire but as long Easter event is up you must to be patient.
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    Just writing this to thank you for posting up a private server of my love pso. Now me twin brother and my twin cousins can play this again and relive our childhood <3
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    Grab buddies, watch your attack timing, and don't let yourself get smacked around.
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