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    This post may be seen as an attempt for drama, but I honestly need to get my thoughts out in the open. I have Ultima's best intentions in mind and honestly it's heartbreaking to see Ultima in the state that it is. I enjoy most of the people here and have fun playing here. This isn't to stir up drama, I only just hope this serves as a wake up call to Larva. Ultima's lead admin, Larva, is effectively killing his own server. Countless suggestions have been ignored/shot down even though 90% of the server base has backed them. I realize it's his server and he can do whatever he want, but whatever he's doing now is obvious not working. Ultima barely peaks over 50-60 during the week, and that's even with Happy Hour. I've seen others servers, as of lately, peak at almost 150 people, probably more. Things I see that contribute to its decline: Lead admin is hardly around, except during events. Events are often started late/ended late because of this. EVP buff is a blatant cash-grab for donations looking into from the outside. It may have no been the intentions of the server, but it drives away people from playing because it just looks like you almost have to donate just to hit anything when starting out. Repeat abusers of the forums go unpunished/unbanned. There are users with several warnings who go unbanned or unpunished, therefore leaving them to continue trolling. Perhaps a 3-strike rules within a certain time-frame could be something that could be implemented in the future to prevent frequent abusers. End-game gear is event only. PGF is only available during Christmas, a time where many people are busy visiting family over the holidays. Even if you have more time, the rate is usually obscene to where you're lucky if you get one. If you don't have time or aren't lucky enough, you're either forced to trade for one, or just try again next year. It has been suggested countless times to add this to the drop-tables year round, even at a difficult rate, but it's been ignored countless times. This is especially inexcusable when Olga Flow drops nothing 3/4 of the year except when they add event drops to his drop table. Lead admin is very impatient. Lately, valid criticisms have been seen as $/%tposting or attempts to cause drama in his eyes. Honest criticism and suggestions have been responded with malice and labeled as $/%tposting even though the original poster had no intentions as such. In conclusion. It's been exhausting as well as almost heart-breaking to see Ultima's status as of the last few months. There has been an increased amount of drama(that I realize I'm guilty of contributing to it), events have been starting/ending late. 5x exp has lasted months at a time. It's all just declining. When I started back in 2015, we had active GMs(Soly, Cyane, and kind of Kajex and Mio), events started on time. Drama was a bit more rare, although it still was pretty prevalent. But now we only really have Mio and R-78(I appreciate them both for putting in the hard work that they do), and drama is almost every other day. I would LOVE to see this server be the best that it could be, but honestly I'm not sure if it'll even get there at this rate. I reiterate that this isn't a drama post or an attempt to stir up something, it's an honestly post listing grave concerns of a server I've come to know and care about over the almost 4 years I've been here. I don't doubt this'll be deleted/locked soon after posting, but I please encourage Larva to read this with an open heart.
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    The Stat of the SS wont change nor the special. Only thing in consideration is the class usable and the range and now trowing there another option with the combo lock .. who knows maybe that's a thing
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    Seren Swan with Rifle Range NOT Usable by FO's -------- has the must votes so.... SS has been updated, and rifle range has been applied.
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    @R-78Its not just the nerf that I quit over. I have played psobb on and off since 2005/6. Both me and Shoutgu were going to quit playing this game after going through and perfecting the ultima time attack records. However with quest developers changing the version of the quests after a it gets beaten too easily in their opinion by 1% of the player base (because not everyone is steamrolling these quests and you forget that), and adjusting stats for weapons its pointless in trying to time attack because you cannot have a consistent record due to there not being a level playing field or consistent environment. Therefore in order to level things out, our records get reset every time a weapon that was used during the record run gets nerfed or a quest gets adjusted. It just isn't practical and I am bored of playing the game in the casual way. Plus like I stated before the server admins rash decisions, going back on their word, lateness (which I can deal with but gets mentioned none the less) followed by lack of communication, do not sit well with me having played on Schtserv Prior to this, and seeing that decline due to similar issues. Larva in one topic said the weapon would be left alone. Immediately after that I traded my pgf away to @C01D1 for some items and dts, in order to to do two things: 1) Help them out after suffering for years of failed pgf hunts, (which me, starlord and wilson discussed possibly donating a pgf to said individual if this trend continued) again due to a cash grab situation which fair enough... you have a family to feed and everyone likes a little side hustle. 2) I then sold some of the said items that I didn't need for dts and upgraded my hard earned SS to 0/0/100/100/80. All of this was done on the basis that @Larva the server admin gave his word that he was not going to change the weapon. With this news we formed our TA team again and started beating records again only to have another topic created by @Lipelis, which started off all the bitching again and led to the Nerf. Now like I stated before, this is not something that is going to be reimbursed by you guys which I accept. I don't agree with the the way the situation was handled just like similar situations before but this time will be the last time for me. People who play this game outside of time attack reasons aren't really affected in the same way by these changes so I don't expect most people to see or agree with my methods of thinking. Now that you have been addressed @R-78 who really I expected better from, I will now move on to address some points. Most of the people here have become toxic. There is not 1 day that goes by where you don't see Emewn vs Triforce, Starlord vs Triforce etc etc and @mudkipzjm the team whore (because he is in every team) at the centre of it all but trying to play innocent. @Emewn I am not having a go at you so don't take this in the wrong way I am just pointing out what I see. Not all of the time are you in the wrong or deserve as much hate as you receive. (watch how many dislikes my post will get from Triforce because of this 1 comment just to prove my point ) but sometimes you make a very valid point but then somewhere in your post you say something really annoying. you may or may not know that you are doing this but I think this is what some people may dislike you for. That is how you are supposed to constructively criticise by the way folks. I'm no angel myself, but at least my BS rarely pops up. Maybe once every few months I have an outburst because I have a strong opinion about something legitimately and not trying to grief for shits and giggles. I get censored for saying stuff that in todays day and age is not considered politically correct (but in mine and many other mainstream beliefs it is correct but we must take the back seat), but like someone else had pointed out before, you have people talking about nasty shit like dads raping and molesting and all sorts of perverse shit that goes unpunished. Its backwards if you ask me. I previously played on Schtserv under a different name TMhav0k and was part of a very toxic environment there. I was invited here and used a different nickname and a different approach. This place is headed in the same direction as the place I left so... more reason to hang up this old cloak. I mean evidence of this is people arguing in my goodbye topic and not even saying bye and getting it locked before I got home from work and could reply to anyone who was there for legitimate reasons but whatever... what is done is done. I said my goodbyes to anyone I missed out on discord. @Triforce members, this is in no way a running you completely down post either, as I enjoyed my time fully that I spent with you. Especially all the technical discussions we had. Maybe my mentality is different as growing up in the hood, as men even when you argue or fight you supposed to shake hands at the end of the day and keep it moving rather than bitching daily. Yea I know you cant physically fight someone online and have one person lose and get their humbling but still. I can only use the examples I have been in and live by. @Soly Thanks for your work and effort and staying neutral during my time here. There is only 1 constructive thing I can say to you tbh. Don't hide behind the excuse of it cant be done if it can be done. You should actually tell people what the difficult obstacle is so that they can have their input and perhaps help you overcome the issue at hand. You would be surprised at how many geniuses there are lurking on these forums, that don't say much due to the drama.
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    The amount of work Lipelis and others actually put into that post deserves some respect. And I thank them for it. Can you seriously not make a single post without being rude to someone?
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    gms feel free to change my forum name to Nobody because i care what mud sais
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    I honestly think we all want the same thing here, I personally know how much work goes with maintaining private servers and yes it is impossible to please everyone I run hundreds of servers and have ran my own private servers in the past where I did it all myself. Everyone wants a voice and all good ideas should be heard. Not all ideas can be executed for many reasons, but if as a community we come to a consensus I think all efforts should be made in order to facilitate such requests. We are a passionate bunch, we play here because we choose to, @Larva created the playground in which many of us can fall back in love with the game we remember and cherish, but its easy to see the burn out. We have all been there what starts off as a passion project becomes something much bigger, people with different backgrounds and beliefs, ideas and opinions get involved and before you know you hardly recognize your original vision or even why you put up with it all especially when it spills over into your life. A shout out is required here, @Larva, @serverus, @R-78, @Soly, @Fyrewolf5 and all the other staff and veteran players that make this possible we as a community appreciate everything you do but we KNOW we can help you make this an even better place to play the game we all know and love. So please lets all stop the fighting, lets try and forget the past or at least learn from it and the way things were and focus on how things can improve and we can improve as a community, this can be a wonderful place again. Cheers.
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    A way to add special to weapons by hunting new items would be really cool. Ultima: Lipelis has found a DEMON CORE! and such as; Demon Core Charge Core Spirit Core Berserk Core Hell Core etc You could equip the weapon of your choice (without special obviously) and Use the item like any combiner. - Equip a Yasminkov 9000M +10 - Use a Demon Core - Demon Yasminkov 9000M +10 ✨ Another suggestion would be to alter Gallon's Shop code to implement that idea by trading / the Core + Weapon to obtain the Weapon with special. When can I hunt ______? - An All year round option is viable since a lot of spots from the classic Drop Table are redundants or even empty so it could be replaced. Ultimate Death Gunner no item, Bulk no item... Ultimate Yellowboze Crimson Assassin Heaven Punisher 1⁄190650 vs Bluefull Hildetorr Heaven Punisher 1⁄204 Ultimate Episode 2 Whitill Delsaber Secure Feet 1⁄4096 vs Yellowboze Mil Lily Secure Feet 1⁄2 etc - Thoses cores as Exclusive event items works too, having them splitted in differents events through year could be interesting. For examples; the Spirit Core included in Triforce Event, the Demon one included in Halloween or even during Summer Event for the sake of hunting Epsilon with a brand new Demon Yas9000! Item Donation list You may or may not know if you are new to Ultima that this feature is available with GMs for 10 Donation Tickets to add the special of your choice... Then thoses said combiners could give the opportunity to players to craft their weapons without having to rely on GM's availabilities. While still being available with GMs for the same amount of DT, the value of Special's Cores would be more affordable within the player economy (as always). Finally, I have no preference between an All year round or Exclusive event items availability since both are interesting to my eyes but overall beside the technical challenge I don't see any cons to this concept but pros! Thanks for reading
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    If I may be frank, I have to agree that there is a moderate decline in the player base since I have started. I understand many changes are made periodically, however there are a few things that I do not agree with, or cannot argue in the defense of Ultima. I am the only remaining person from the group of people I started this server with and at one point deleted my team because everyone else left for various reasons and grievances to other servers. I understand the staff are hard at work for the things that we do enjoy and I am very appreciative, but to be honest I rarely play as there just isn't much to keep us going outside of varying hunts with occasional new items. When I started there was on average 80+ players always on. Now there is barely over 40. Please know this is not an attack. Just simply my observations and personal experiences. Here is a list of things I do not agree with or have personally been opposed to in discussions: 1. The refusal to make certain changes based on the lack of source code. Honestly, while I understand the legality behind it, there are servers who have acquired it through other means and make otherwise impossible changes to level designs, weapon skins, create entirely new weapons. The selling points of some of these servers is that they will go out of their way to do the very things that the staff of this server outright refuse to do and silence people on it. If SEGA honestly cared what happened, then all of these servers would not exist without paying SEGA some sort of royalties. Clearly they let this game die in their eyes with the Dreamcast and they ignore the clear abuse of the copyright for this game. 2. Change to veteran status. The definition of veteran on Ultima is clearly different than what the definition actually is now. Not that this status means much on here anyways, for one reason or another, but Logging in one day to realize that the amount of time and money I have dedicated to this server means that I get what little bit I have taken away is a little irritating. 3. Ideas go ignored. I understand that not all ideas are good, fair, or possible based on the rules and guidelines set forth by the server and lack of source code. However, many good ideas just get lost and ignored all the time. This is not a cry for PGF to drop year round. I have made a post on that already, but it must be acknowledged that if not all, most other servers do make it a year round drop at a much more reasonable rate compared even to our Christmas drop rate during HH. 4. PGF and other 1 time a year drop items. These items should not be at a drop rate during 3-5 weeks of a year that it cost $250+ USD dollars. If it is going to be exclusive to Christmas, then compensate the drop rates accordingly to where they become more accessible and drop the actual cost of these items. At one point I know you could donate for things like STA or PGF, but now I do not think you can anymore. This is a clear cash grab and is not needed. You could ask for donations by other means. You already do to add hit or percents to weapons. You also took away the hit events that used to exist with older GMs. 5. Punishment is not consistent. I won't name anyone in particular, but certain people are still allowed to post and be toxic, but others have been banned for less. I may speak for myself, but punish equally and fairly. If you are going to ban someone for something, but let someone else stay because they do other things equally as toxic or unacceptable, but was not the exact same thing, then why punish players to begin with. 6. Criticism = Malice. Again I have to agree here. Constructive criticism and or a calling out for lack of consistency in punishment or timeliness for events just get people told to stop talking about it and posts get locked by admin. If you are going to be in charge of things, then take the constructive criticism. This is not in any way approval for being attacked, but there is a clear difference in a toxic player being a downright jerk for no reason, and players with legitimate concerns or issues. If you cannot handle it, then honestly find someone else who can. It isn't fair to silence the people voicing legitimate complaints just because the staff doesn't like what is being said or do not care. 7. Toxic player base and staff that back down. This point is more at the player base that all they do is live to complain rather than staff. Honestly just leave if you cannot handle a simple discussion. It completely dumbfounds that we can't get new items and ideas without someone crying. The overwhelming majority of players on here are grown adults. Let us please act as such. For the staff, if you say an item won't change then don't change it. You have the complete ability to reserve items to GMs only and have them test the items extensively before release. If you test them and think they are fine, then leave it at that. It really looks bad with r-78 locked posts saying Serene Swan won't change, then Larva says the same thing, and then not even a day or two later Larva changes his mind. That doesn't make it look any better on the GM who just had the top dog defend them just to turn around and pull the rug out from underneath them. Again this is not a personal attack towards anyone or any group. Please do not read it as such. If you made it through all of this and still feel offended after I specified twice that this is merely an opinion based on observation and personal experience in the now 6 or 7 years I have been on this server and apart of the community, then honestly I don't care and you probably needed it. This isn't being toxic, this is just being honest. Thank you all who took the time to read this and did not take offense. I will not try to argue these points nor debate them. If you disagree, then I will simply agree to disagree with you and move on from there.
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    You implement a good item then nerf it to the ground and rinse and rinse and repeat. I traded a pgf in order to obtain enough points for upgrading just to have @Larva acting like a woman and making emotional decisions. No changelog no nothing no mention of reinbursment...just this is my decision and deal with it. Starting to feel like schtserv all over again. And with that said im retiring from pso. Big shout out to my TA team for holdin it down @Shoutgu, @Starlord, @HUNTER_, @Noob Saibot, @willy and my cmode regulars @duja1001, @BoomShakaLarka, @RocketTots. It was a good run while it lasted. No doubt this will get sensored or deketed as per usual since you arent allowed an opinion here and the world has gone soft. Goodbye.
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    Just to let you know, no. Nothing was discussed between staff members. No one was aware of this sudden change. Nothing was announced on moderation channel as well. How do I know, you may ask? I was there today, not a single word has been said. I was there like an hour ago, before asking to be demoted from Moderation. Even though I'm not a moderator here on forums, I had access to the staff members channel on Discord and I was even able to give my input there, give suggestions, report bugs and trying to be a conciliator between community and staff wishes. What happened today sums it up the biggest issue between Ultima administration and staff: Lack of communication. If we keep doing things and taking decisions behind the backs of others, not trusting each other, I really doubt the Ultima will go much further. I did my part, I just left the moderation role that I was so proud of being part. I'm really disappointed with you Larva.
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    Forum update: Dislikes no longer lowers the reputation score.
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    Ok let me recap a little historic for you since you keep mentioning me: July 12 - https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/33629-summer-event-player-made-drop-table-2019/&do=findComment&comment=213595 https://imgur.com/a/xQ4xxKg July 12 just a couple of hours later - https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/33656-thoughts-on-serene-swan-and-impending-nerf/ https://imgur.com/a/E6EAJni 22 july - https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/33735-serene-swan-vs-ultima/ https://imgur.com/a/gzUJoO4 My introduction is crystal clear, so the Edens one does. Please spot the difference between a constructive friendly topic and a trolls friendly one. I spent some time to construct my opinion on this weapon and writing my post. Now quit mentioning me in your point of view without respect.
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    I just requested Larva to make it usable by Forces (so back to All classes). As for the range nerf, here is a picture of the thing Is it that big of a nerf? Worth quiting the server? I don't think so, but you tell me... Peace & love everyone please...
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    *Writing an essay about Lipelis Guard addition*
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    Update in the changes; Rifle range has been removed. Class FO has been removed. Hunter was removed by mistake and will be added back. (fixed) Thanks.
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    You came in with a huge chip on your shoulder.... The error you are getting while logging in can be a few things (Its not a Shadowban as cool as that sounds)... It could be that your behind a VPN or Proxy/Firewall or an aggressive virus scanner, it also could be that you are on slow WI FI or have slow WAN speed. I wish you the best and wanted to help you, but honestly you should try and be a little more patient....
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    lol larva just told me we dont delete accounts o.O
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    Happy Late Birthday Cyan it's been a long time since i talked to you, I really hope everything it's been going good in your life. And also I hope you know you can count on my with wherever i can help! have fun in life! be strong!
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    you are not here anymore and i am never know you... but all friends i am have are always say the best stories of you, so i am wishing happy birthday for you today
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    Starting Happy Hours if this post gets 10 dislikes within an hour. Happy Hours started.
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    BkB and twin brand as Hunter exclusive gear. But dont worry theres other options for this.... Inferno girasole is the best double saber on this server and fomar can use it. Other than that they can also use some other close range single target weps like for example Fury of the beast which are daggers with charge special and decent stats (they also look like claws so they r pretty badass) Theres also 10 year blades which are the best single target close range type of wep in the game. They are twin swords that you can add any special to. Their stats are also higher than all the other weps of this kind. Theres also just regular Girasole which is pretty good as well. Only problem with those is that they are event only, if you want something that you can get out of event theres some daggers called Blood tornado. They have 70 ata, 600ish atp and unreduced demon special, these daggers are even better than BKB, you get them by using a blue black stone on a Bloody art and they (along with the other 2 equips you get with blue black stone) r pretty good for beginners. If you mainly want a double saber type of wep then once again the best double saber is Inferno girasole. But keep in mind theres better single target CQC weps that are not doublesabers. I recommend you browse around the WIKI here on forums and threads like the one R-78 posted earlier to decide on what you wana gear up with before you start investing too much. You can also ask around on the ask a quick question thread for suggestions.
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    As I was saying, I never leave without my strap.
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    New drawing! Actually I've been drawing quite a lot but forgot to say stuff here- Hope you all like it! PSO fanart once I finish with all the request I have to do- https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2612928778727856&id=2578396952181039 (Facebook is not displaying but it's the same pleaselikeit)
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    Shiki No Uta (Remix)
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    Count your blessings, each and every single one... It's the little things in life that can truly mean something, to others it might mean everything. Never discount the freedoms, the benefits, the very things which you take for granted daily, that we all do. We are ultimately guaranteed nothing but the air we breathe and are ultimately owed nothing except to love our fellow man. I implore you each and every one, count your blessings no matter how small they may be...
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    The nerf, now that apparently the Force restriction is gone, sounds less bad now. It's less of a broken item now but still quite useful. That being said, I'm still annoyed this was done after it was said that it wouldn't be getting nerfed, and having spent a fair amount of DTs and PDs on it myself I feel even more annoyed. Also I'd appreciate it if this topic would not be derailed into drama since I'm hoping this will spark a change and I don't think that'd happen if we just spend half the time bickering with each other.
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    I think for a GM to work or any type of admin would need to be someone neutral to the community. As you guys can tell soly is very neutral. He’s not buddy buddy with people. Which is a quality any GM or admin should have. Just my hunble LGBTQAP opinion.
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    just letting u know guys this is a topic to know ppl opinions if this get shittypost ill delete all of them thanks
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    My personal opinion is the Serene Swan should be restricted to FO's and Female HU's / RA's as they needed a good weapon to compete against the ever powerful PR's that is out there which is male only. On the flip side there are many female only items which they are not as strong as some of the Male only items but their character requirements and where PR's have a higher requirement. Anyways the reason I have not really voiced these thoughts to now was because I was neutral about the gun since it was still in testing phase. With this being said the testing phase should not be a live release to the entire community, this should be amongst a few trusted users (BetA Testers) as we call them in many other communities. Let the Beta members test it out and voice their thoughts towards it or have a poll before the event to see what the community would like to see in this type of weapon and what class it should be for. This would be the ultimate "CYA" (COVER YOUR ASS) incase there are reprocutions similar to what happened here. Dont get me wrong I am sure the Ultima "Dev" team and select staff probably discussed this and tested it out but this kinda stuff really needs a community input since we are the ones that will be hunting it and grinding it up once we discover its true potential. As @mudkipzjm said many members was mislead by the statement from a staff member thinking the serene swan was safe and note to be nerfed so they invested time, ingame currency, donation currency , and many other gestures just to ensure they had it maxed out, just to be let down when it was nerfed. I am still pretty neutral about this but there has to be some form of safe guard to prevent this kind of stuff from happening. Some of us put are heart and soul into this game and community. We just want to know that our voice matters in stuff like this. Side note I think the staff busts their butts to try to give the community the best experience they can considering none of us are required to pay to play. There are many minor things that could be corrected and it would make this community great again and the population would probably return. I have some suggestions which I wont voice here as I am not trying to turn this into a bigger issue than what it already is, but if you would like to hear them I would be glad to shoot any of the staff a PM with my thoughts. As for @rashan0121 dont quit the game over something as stupid as an item getting nerfed. I understand what happened wasnt right through your eyes and many others but its still no reason to leave. In the almost 5 years I have played in ultima I have seen many changes happen some for the good and some for the bad, this is just one of those things that was rushed and wasnt properly thought through. Blame it on the community for wanting the event sooner than was expected or whatever the case may be. One thing I learned in all of my tantrums on here over the silliest stuff , is that it gets you no where if anything it isolates you away from the rest of the community. I cant tell you how many times I flipped out because I couldnt seem to get a item to drop that I was hunting for and took it out on the community instead of embracing my frustrations and realizing in the end I screwed up. For this I paid the ultimate price or should I say Ultima price of being limited to who I can play with. The point I am trying to make is you worked to hard for what you achieved on this server just to throw it away because one item got screwed up. Just because it was nerfed now doesnt mean they wont balance it later and release a better version I didnt really play with you much but from one PSO player to another dont leave.
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    We have valuable members of this community that put countless hours into testing things and breaking down the reasons behind why things happen the way they do in this game. They are willing to put time and effort into sharing it with the rest of us in a meaningful way. And it's people like them that allow more casual players like myself to learn more about it to understand and appreciate it all the more. It wasn't just a wall of random text. They were logic based in facts of what they know/tested and their interpretation of their own opinions based on that information. To just write them off out of ignorance is so disappointing. You should take a lesson in humility.
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    I do recall the vast majority of people saying to leave it alone, and absolutely no one said restrict force from using it lol. It's a shame, weapon had potential but now is useless like 90% of the other items that get added these days.
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    Shoutout to everyone with an @gmail and @hotmail username
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    I am really trying to understand what you are saying. Can you please just state the exact problem you get when attempting to log on without the huge back story? Perhaps you can just make a new account with some abbreviation of that username. We will attempt to help you. Thanks.
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    S> Yasminkov9000 60 Hit
  42. 3 points
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    im getting old :"L
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    Ok I have to put my 2 cents in here to try to get this back on track. I've not played much on this server and I am not very well known but I do know that when I first started we had reliable GM's and events and even mini events between main events to keep everyone's interest. But since I've been back I've noticed that HH is always random parts of the day and night. The event's are always not ran on time and there is a lack of communication between everyone. What we need is set times for HH especially for the people that live in different time zones. We need mini events while there is no main event happening. We need new blood to help round everything out. No offense @R-78 @serverus @Protoss You are doing a great job when you can but I think we need more firm times for things. A set schedule for events and if it's delayed because of new weapons let the server know. I think most of us would be very understanding of it. And those who aren't can just be unsatisfied. Sorry if I have offended anyone by posting this but this is just my view point. When I joined I would always see @Cyane or @Fyrewolf5 in the lobby or playing the game and I just don't see that anymore. Maybe a quick game here and there but nothing like it used to be.
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    How would that solve anything if they don't know what's going on either?
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    Meltdown incoming
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    S> a bunch of useless weapons aka Serene Swans; message or reply for prices and crying emojis
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    A stickied public changelog would be nice. Saith mentioned to me a while back that the Angel Harp had been buffed, but there was nothing around to actually suggest to a wider audience that it had been. Additionally, with the SS nerf, it'd be good to see what has been changed without players having to find it all out themselves.
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    The bond between a boy and his dad is a special thing, especially the one @RIPBennyhas with his.
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