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FOweps increase & little more


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Many users had said that we have forgot about the FO's and , that we should make a few changes to help them.

To help this users we decide to do a few changes and this changes are not only for FO's we also did another changes to sertain weapons/armor/shields.

Before going further please remember Ultima Server is a mid rate server so if you where expecting super increase in stats, I'm sorry to say that wont happen OK. We are trying to keep thing

balanced here. OK.

hope you guys like all this new changes.

For this moment, thats all. Hope you guys like this changes. :onion107:

Feedback are welcome. Enjoy !! :onion125:

this changes will be enable next time the server restart


Muchos usuarios dicen que nos hemos olvidado de los forces, por eso hemos hecho algunos cambios para fortaleserlos

Para ayudar a estos user decidimos hacer cambios y estos cambios no son solo para los forces tambien hemos hecho cambios

a Armas/Armaduras/Escudos.

Antes de seguir adelante por favor, Recuerden Ultima Server es un servidor de rate medio por si esperaban altos estatus. Sento decirles que eso no pasara ok. Estamos tratando de mantener balanceado el server ok.

Espero que a todos les gusten estos nuevos cambios.

Es todo por este momento. Espero les gusten los cambios y los disfruten.

Comentarios son Bienvenidos. Disfruten

Estos cambios estaran cuando el server sea reiniciado

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You forgot the most obvious one, the dark bridge needs a lot of boost.

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I don't think dark bridge need boost, we already increase the boost in that one and, also we added new sutff to it.

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dark bridge boost megid pierce boost grants 40 % double of range on jellen and zalure what else u want to boost lol

Dark Bridge:

ATp 250 - 550

ATa +34

dfp +90

Mst req 900

especial: Boost grants por 40%, Consume TP por 50%

y se le agrego el tercer ataque especial de Bersek

se agrego zalure range

también cuenta con penetrador de megid

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tbh jellen and zalure boost is lame -_- there's very few situations where you'll need to even use jellen. while zalure is a great spell to spam in every mob, you don't need to boost the range since a good force will already have glide divine (for zalure boost), demo fork (for piercing), or PW (for Ra-tech boosts). i say put boosts that are useful that can't be easily duplicated. even a spread-like spirit-type attack would be useful and unique. Or a divine punishment special like we discussed in the thread i linked to before.

oh and Bunita reminded me to appreciate the work everyone puts into making this server so great. In other words, i do like the changes made :D

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