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Giveaway Announcement!


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    Christmas event is finally over! I would like to congratulate all those with a successful PGF hunt. What better way to celebrate the end of Christmas event with a Giveaway!!!


    On Sunday February  11th I will be giving away the following Items live on stream at Twitch.tv/JollyTimesTV at 6 PM PST.



Dark Flow 0/50/50/0/50


A huge Thanks to Manny, Crank, And Kidd for donating the following items to the giveaway. Changing the order I give away items. Dark Flow will be given away last and everyone will be re entered into the drawing for Dark flow. You can't win more than 1 of the items listed below.


Arrest Booster x2

D-Photon Core

Stellar Shard

Exaclibur 35 hit

Silcer of fanatic 50 hit

Slicer of fanatic 45 hit

Panzer Faust 50 hit

Panzer Faust 30 hit

16 NYC

Morolian Blaster 30 hit

Yunchang 50 hit

Le Cogneur 65 hit

Holy Ray 60 hit

Wedding dress x2

Samurai Armor






    Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in the Giveaway. Everyone will have an equal chance at winning. I do ask that you are an active player on ultima and will make use of the item.





    If you would like to enter type your name in the comments below this post or private message me on discord and you will automatically be entered. Thank you everyone for such a great community and GOOD LUCK!!



Thank you everyone for all the support. I had a blast. Here is the list of the winners!!! CG SCORN !


coldflame - arrest booster

Hidden - Arrest booster

Sheva - Phton core

Zerk - Stellar shard

Igris - 35 Hit excal

El stinko - 50 hit SOF

Maeve - 45 hit SOF

Vegetable - 50 hit panzer

kotta - 30 hit panzer

Scorn - 16 NYC

Dani - 30 hit moroloan blaster

Crank - 50 yunchang


Hawk - 65 hit lecog

grimclaw - 60 hit holy ray (edited)

Sinowneo - Wedding dress

MannyFresh - Wedding dress

Caniac - samurai Armor




Link to the VOD - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/2060349067

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28 minutes ago, 777 said:


I object to this entry unless you can beat me in a Wario's Woods set.


(oh, and Wavebuster so I can make a N/D DF)

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Hmmm, I suppose me too :rf-13:





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added name >.> & a PST time link I didn't steal from a Shiida's mini event topic for self-reference :3
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KILL    Thanks for the Giveaway bro :v!

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