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059e3d0c-0649-4b6b-88ce-b0b3eac7ab26 TRIFORCE EVENT 2020 059e3d0c-0649-4b6b-88ce-b0b3eac7ab26


momoka y usagi.jpg


The 8th Triforce Event of Ultima has just begun!



During years we been trying to bring balance in to Ultima server, we had have goods runs and bad ones for sure.
but we have prevailed and here we are, with an event that is all about balance.
Triforce Event holds a special place to me. It's probably my favorite event of the year,
when this event was hosted for the first time, it was a success with the Master Sword which has been one of our first custom items.

Once more I ask you... ARE YOU

the Hero that Ultima needs?

The Hero who will bring balance to Ultima?

The Hero who will bring Light to Darkness?





Returning Items


:swo: Swords :swo:

Master Sword 


Magic Hammer

Great Fairy Sword 

Bug-Catching Net  

Power Glove

Stealth Sword 


:gun: Guns :gun:


Sacred Bow 


:can: Canes :can:

Fire Rod 

Zelda Magazine


:uni: Units :uni:







:shi: Shields :shi:

Hylian Shield 

Ganondorf Shield


Update: The Rabarta boost on this shield has been changed from 40% to 65%!



Thanks to @serverus for event banner

Thanks to @Larva for event and storyline

Ganondorf Shield skin and picture by @Usagi-chan

Event will end on October, 12th of 2020



Good Luck everyone!


Player-made drop table


Edited by R-78
Fixed banner
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Centurion time Is finally on! :onion-head05:

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No other effect.

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On 10/11/2020 at 8:00 PM, N4g4rok said:

Found a Godric's/Ability today! What's this unit do? I see that it reduces stats by 50, but i wasn't sure if it have another effect as well.

wait it makes you weaker?


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4 hours ago, wak0jack0 said:

wait it makes you weaker?


Last I've heard, It was a prank (troll) unit, just like Abuelita/Battle :onion-head63:

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Magic Hammer - Deldepth - ep2 - Ult - Blueful

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