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How to create a quest?


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Read the guide first: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/26156-how-to-build-a-custom-quest/

These video tutorials are meh, but help show the process: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/6209-pso-qedit-video-tutorials/

Great source for pasm: https://qedit.info/index.php?title=Main_Page

If you want to dive deeper into the abyss, this link is all about the programming behind pso: http://sharnoth.com/psodevwiki/

I PMed you a link to download a starter kit.


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You're gonna need a computer to make a quest, friend. Also, you'll need a private server to test your quest. 
Here's a link on steps to make your own and you'll have to learn how to port forward, so look into that.


As someone who is also trying to learn on how to make a quest, I wish you good luck.

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Quests that need to be made

100 Baranz Challenge 

Defeat 100 Baranz

Ultimate Only!

Location: Vr Spaceship Alpha

Beach Night

Defeat all enemies in the Beach At Night

location: Seaside Area Night

Enemy zoo Part 1

take a look at these enemies at the enemy zoo

Location Forest Caves Mines Ruins

Exhibits: The Exhibit of Natives

the Cave Exhibit 

Exhibit of Bots

The Dark Exhibit 

Luckys Tower Of Trials Floors 1-20

Fight your way to 100 floors

location: Tower Featuring Episodes 1 2 4 enemies 

Chaos For Fun

 Battle Dark Falz In this Quest

Location: Ruins 1 Ruins 2 Ruins 3

The Mix up battle

fight enemies in wrong areas!

Location: Forest 1 Forest 2 Cave1 Cave2 Cave3 Mines1 Mines2 Ruins 1 Ruins 2 Ruins 3


Forest: Cave Monsters: 100 Percent

Mine Monsters 90 Percent

Ruins Monster 92 Percent 

Cave: Forest Monsters 93 Persent

Mines Monsters 97 Percent

Ruins Monsters: 100 Percent

Mine: Forest Monsters 96 percent 

Cave Monsters 97 Percent

Ruins Monsters 100 Percent

Ruins: Forest Monsters 96

Cave Monsters: 99 Percent

Mines Monsters: 97 Percent

Note: The Areas Are Random

Also if playing on Hard Very Hard Or Ultimate you will be granted a Dark Falz battle

Please make these quests to open them to public  I will give you credit if they pop up in my game. Note: They are all Online Quests not One Person quests

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