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  1. Thx for adding new quests we want more btw
  2. I checked but there not there
  3. Quests that need to be made 100 Baranz Challenge Defeat 100 Baranz Ultimate Only! Location: Vr Spaceship Alpha Beach Night Defeat all enemies in the Beach At Night location: Seaside Area Night Enemy zoo Part 1 take a look at these enemies at the enemy zoo Location Forest Caves Mines Ruins Exhibits: The Exhibit of Natives the Cave Exhibit Exhibit of Bots The Dark Exhibit Luckys Tower Of Trials Floors 1-20 Fight your way to 100 floors location: Tower Featuring Episodes 1 2 4 enemies Chaos For Fun Battle Dark Falz In this Quest Location: Ruins 1 Ruins 2 Ruins 3 The Mix up battle fight enemies in wrong areas! Location: Forest 1 Forest 2 Cave1 Cave2 Cave3 Mines1 Mines2 Ruins 1 Ruins 2 Ruins 3 Note: Forest: Cave Monsters: 100 Percent Mine Monsters 90 Percent Ruins Monster 92 Percent Cave: Forest Monsters 93 Persent Mines Monsters 97 Percent Ruins Monsters: 100 Percent Mine: Forest Monsters 96 percent Cave Monsters 97 Percent Ruins Monsters 100 Percent Ruins: Forest Monsters 96 Cave Monsters: 99 Percent Mines Monsters: 97 Percent Note: The Areas Are Random Also if playing on Hard Very Hard Or Ultimate you will be granted a Dark Falz battle Please make these quests to open them to public I will give you credit if they pop up in my game. Note: They are all Online Quests not One Person quests
  4. Sure I’m afraid private server might not work Who makes quests still?
  5. I wish it worked on phone 😭
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