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Christmas Mini Event! Approved by Larva!

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Ultima - Mag Event On 19th December, bring the following to any GM in game: A baby mag (If you don't have one, make a new character and transfer the baby mag on the noob to another character). 10

nah that gives work to check any do

i regret opening some... but look at the positive side D: we still have time to hunt

bueno ya llegamos fin de semana supongo que siquiera pondran exp rare por 5
para así alegrar a todos con con un mag personalizado :onion-head72: un buen obsequio para los jugadores del server :onion-head68: xD

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Well, saint rappies arent showing anyway at the moment since HH bugged the lobby back to normal ive been told

Thanks for the heads up.

And can anybody else confirm? I haven't seen any yet, but I haven't done many runs.

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Soo.. just wondering. When you say "presents". Can i jsut give you normal presents or do you really want those christmas presents? :D

Of course is xmas presents :wacko:

Can I get a pgf instead? :D


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