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  1. How about making it easier/faster to level a mag? Maybe turn the time you have to wait for the next feeding down to a certain point during Happy Hour or something like that? Cause mag feeding is just a long process and even leveling is much faster on this server. So why not adjust the mag timer or something like that? That'd be great
  2. All Redria Episode 4 on Ultimate: Goran - Blue Ring Astark - Cameleon Scythe (not 100% sure on this) Girtablulu - New Years Card regular: Dorphon Eclair - Tempest Cloak
  3. Greenill Episode 4 Ultimate: Del Rappy Asteron Belt (also on VH) Goran Blue Ring Pyro Goran Yellow Ring normal drops Greenill Episode 4 Ultimate: Dorphon Eclair - Cannon Rouge
  4. Tablet: Ultimate Redria Episode 1 Claw Heart of Morolian: Whitill Ep2 Gee Can also confirm the L&K38 from Baranz Redria Ep1
  5. normal drop Hildetorr redria ep 1 (MSI) Blue Merge - redria - ep 1 Govulmer
  6. I personly like it very much. I always liked to moveset of the Dual Blade Weapons but didn't like the weapons itself. But since it looks nice, is strong and have pretty much any special, I really really like it. Also it is something special imo and worthy as a 10 year milestone!
  7. How exactly is the damage that enemies deal calculated? I know that some attacks deal a fix amount of damage but what about others? Does DFP really do that much? Or in other words: How many HP/DFP do I need to survive all the boss attacks? Like Shambertin etc?
  8. Sword of Ultima EP 4 Goran Detonator ULT - Greenill
  9. So I've been wondering....Is there a "droptable" for the rare drops out of boxes?
  10. Nakas Card Greenill - Dark Falz - VH
  11. How does the ID-change work? Do i get a new name or is the ID the only thing that changes? Also, can any GM do that for me or do i have to ask specific GM's?
  12. Heavenly/TP Del Rappy (ep 4) Ultimate oran
  13. Soo.. just wondering. When you say "presents". Can i jsut give you normal presents or do you really want those christmas presents?
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