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  1. I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with how good your laptop/computer is. I experienced no problem with my old computer that is now over 9 years old. But with my new one, which is better as well, I get frame drops like yours and worse too. I even get it in ep 4 sub deserts without anyone else in the room just standing in the big maze-like room
  2. Purplenum Ultimate ep2 Spaceship - Gran Sorcerer - Cent/Luck Purplenum Ultimate ep2 Spaceship - Gulgus - NON EVENT Purplenum Ultimate ep2 Spaceship - Gulgus-gue - NON EVENT
  3. Girtablulu - Greenil - Ult -Desert - Ep4 - Centurion HP k Jay was faster sorry lol
  4. Hello there, I'd like to buy these two. Just pm me when you've got the time to meet

    S> badges

    I'd like one bone badge if you still got those, that'd be great 😍 Edit: got it already, thanks:)
  6. Ultimate - EP1 - Redria - Baranz - Trap Search
  7. Thanks for the help, this can be closed
  8. Hello guys. After i had finally found my mail adress for the account i tried to reset the password. After that the game told me I have to finish the email validation progress. Did that and logged in but now there aren't any characters left. Like its a fresh account. I hope someone can help me and restore the characters and the items on that account cause it pretty much has all the important items of my accounts. Username of that account is "cartman" and guildcard is 42161849 according to the validation email i got. It definatly had a Ramarl called Cartman (think on lvl 200). Thanks in advance
  9. How about making it easier/faster to level a mag? Maybe turn the time you have to wait for the next feeding down to a certain point during Happy Hour or something like that? Cause mag feeding is just a long process and even leveling is much faster on this server. So why not adjust the mag timer or something like that? That'd be great
  10. All Redria Episode 4 on Ultimate: Goran - Blue Ring Astark - Cameleon Scythe (not 100% sure on this) Girtablulu - New Years Card regular: Dorphon Eclair - Tempest Cloak
  11. Greenill Episode 4 Ultimate: Del Rappy Asteron Belt (also on VH) Goran Blue Ring Pyro Goran Yellow Ring normal drops Greenill Episode 4 Ultimate: Dorphon Eclair - Cannon Rouge
  12. Tablet: Ultimate Redria Episode 1 Claw Heart of Morolian: Whitill Ep2 Gee Can also confirm the L&K38 from Baranz Redria Ep1
  13. normal drop Hildetorr redria ep 1 (MSI) Blue Merge - redria - ep 1 Govulmer
  14. I personly like it very much. I always liked to moveset of the Dual Blade Weapons but didn't like the weapons itself. But since it looks nice, is strong and have pretty much any special, I really really like it. Also it is something special imo and worthy as a 10 year milestone!
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