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:FOmarl7-2:ACTUALIZADO 1 / 11 / 2021:FOmarl7-2:
Materiales 1 pd  por 10 unid
:ite: HP material         x   700
:ite: Power material  x 220                     70
:ite: Mind material    x 210
:ite: Evade material  x 300
:ite: Def material      x 300
TECHS  1 pd por 1 und

Anti Lv: 7 x6

Jellen Lv: 15    x3

Zalure Lv: 15   x10

Deband Lv: 15 x3


Zalure Lv: 20    x4

Deband Lv: 20 x2

Shifta Lv: 20     x4

Jellen Lv: 20


Barta Lv: 20     x2

Rabarta Lv: 20 x3

Gibarta Lv: 20 x2


Zonde Lv: 20   x3

Razonde Lv: 20 x4

Gizonde Lv: 20


Foie Lv: 20

Rafoie Lv: 20

Gifoie Lv: 20 x2


Foie Lv: 29   x7

Rafoie Lv: 29x 3

Gifoie Lv: 29


Zonde Lv: 29 x5

Razonde Lv: 29 x3

Gizonde Lv: 29 x6


Barta Lv: 29 x4

Rabarta Lv: 29 x4

Gibarta Lv: 29 x3



Jellen Lv: 30 x4              2 pds

Zalure Lv: 30 x3             2 pds

Shifta Lv: 30 x5              2 pds

Deband Lv: 30 x2          2 pds

Resta Lv: 30 x5               1 pd


:mag: Mag cell  1 pd :mag:



Heart of Angel x20

Heart of Devil x7

Kit of Mark3 x16

Kit of Sega Saturn x20

Kit of Dreamcast x18

Tablet x14

Heart of Morolian x11

Heart of Opa Opa

Heart of Pian x3

Heart of Chao x2

Kit of Hamburger x19

Panther's Spirit x19

Kit of Master System x9

Kit of Genesis x23




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hi there OscaridaD : ) been having timing issues meeting you : ( but can i also have both mile marteux 15pd + 25 pd + 5 pd for godrics cloak = 45 pd, I play between 21:00 and 00:00 gmt so hopefully we can meet up

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