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Elefsis Mini Event Has Now Ended.


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Elefsis has now fully leveled 61 characters to level 200. Since this is an Ultima acheivement record, we're hosting a mini event in his honor. In the event he adds more characters to level 200 by then, we may have to up the prizes accordingly.

61 Hit for 61 Characters

Larva has approved a mini event. This weekend (Friday through Sunday), you can bring weapons that have 0 hit and photon crystals add up to 61 hit to your weapon.

  • 5th anniversary blade
  • Battledore
  • Akiko's wok
  • Akiko's cleaver
  • Drill launcher
  • Angel harp
  • Jitte
  • Izmaela
  • Tanegashima
  • Kusanagi
  • Lollipop
  • Kanei tsuho
  • Shichishito
  • Rocket punch
  • Butterfly net
  • Nice shot
  • Snake spire
  • Synthesizer
  • Hammer
  • Racket
  • Game magazine
  • Commander blade
  • Guardianna
  • Two Kamui
  • Toy hammer
  • Bamboo spear
  • Tree clippers
  • Le cogneur
  • Meteor rouge
  • Decalog
Start collecting your weapons in preparation for the mini event. We'll post more details later in the week.
A few rules we can note give you for now:
  • Each photon crystal is 1% hit on any weapon above. Bring 61 photon crystals and one of the listed weapons to a GM to get a 61 hit mini event weapon created.
  • You can only add hit once, and we cannot make a weapon higher than 60 hit for you. Do not add 10 hit now and 51 hit later. We will not do it.
  • If the weapon you want hit added on is not in the list above, we will not be able to help you. The list of items may change slightly before Friday. Don't yell at us if it does. We may choose to add or remove weapons before the event starts, but the list above is what currently has been approved by Larva.
  • You cannot add specials to these weapons at this time. We will do another mini event to add specials to weapons later.
  • If elefsis gets more than 61 characters to 200, we may up the hit percentage accordingly. For example, if he gets 62 level 200s by Friday, we probably can convince larva to allow for 62% hit weapons.
  • If you cannot sign in over the weekend, there are no rainchecks. Give your weapon and item photon crystals to a friend who can redeem for you.
  • There is no limit to the number of weapons you can add hit to, but you can only add hit once per weapon.

I'm still working hard to level up more chars to level 200, just give me a little space till Friday.

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You better level 100 characters by then!! (joke xD)

(joke?) hehe, i thought a crazy idea but its a little early, wait for Christmas and will see...who knows...

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Maybe add Master Raven, Last Swan, and Orotiagito to the list since you can't normally get hit on those. I bet there will be more participation.

I know larva. No to two of those. Yes to Orotiagito. I'll add it. Note that I do not have approval. Gms will need to log who gets these in case he doesn't agree. (He'll agree though, I'm sure.)

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why dont we add last swan into the mix, help support the hunewearl?

Last swan was already removed from a few obtainable locations where it could be found with percentages. I don't know why honestly as it's not even slightly overwhelming. Dual bird could also be created with hit if we did this. So I'm sure larva would not approve.

Master raven should be a no brainer to be excluded with psycho black Crystal. Can't have everyone with a 65 hit psycho raven. Though that's implying everyone would hunt them ;)

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Yeah nobody cares about psycho raven, they don't even need hit since they have 100k base ata and crappy special.
I just want a better clean up/ range weapon for hucast and hit master raven would help . _.
Also Last Swan >> Dual Bird

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