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  1. The plan was to make 4 sato mags of varying colors. The mags would have (5,150,45,0) at level 200. The first step was to have my Greennill ranger feed the mag antidotes to level 10, at which point it would evolve into kalki. The second step was to feed kalki antidotes until level 35, at which point it evolved into Mitra. The third step was to feed antiparalysis to Mitra until level 50, at which point it would evolve into Kaitabha. The fourth step is where I would hand the mag off to a hunter or a force, and continue to feed the mag antiparalysis to keep on increasing dex and feed dimates t
  2. Thanks, I'll keep this in mind when I start leveling power.
  3. Yes. I was following this plan from pso world for making Sato mags. LINK Step 2 Feed the MAG antidotes. At level 10 it will evolve into Kalki. Feed Kalki antidotes. At level 35 it will evolve into Mitra. Feed Mitra antiparalysis. At level 50 it will evolve into Kaitabha. Step 3 It's recommended to feed the mag with one of the following: Hunter or Force of any section ID should feed antiparalysis to increase dex to 45. The mag should be Garuda, Ila, or Ribhava. Hunter or Force of any section id should feed dimates to increase pow to 49. The mag will probably evolve at level 95 when pow = d
  4. I've been running through PTS gaining kills to unlock my two limiters. In order to maximize my time I decided it would be good to feed my four mags while I was doing this. Everything was going swell, the four Kaitabha mags evolved into gauruda mags just as expected. However, I disconnected towards the end of my run; I didn't think anything of it, and started another run. Once my mags were ready to be fed again and I started to feed them, that's when i noticed that my mags were no longer gaurudas, and instead reverted back to kaitabhas and gained a level in defence. They also have more points
  5. Oh man, I would love to hunt some easy TP mats. Just start a TP event so we can shake the server up a bit.
  6. Yeah, Viridia is a pretty cool ID. Anti-Dark ring will give you awesome dark resistance so you can tank megid like a pro. You can also hunt Glide Divine on episode 4 vhary Rappies; sure, other ID's can hunt it too, but just check the drop table, you might find something that you can trade or sell to get something else you want.
  7. They only ever have taken one from me. Besides, the character in bpd 1 and 2, Sue, says, after you agree to give over a photon crystal, that she' ll only take one.
  8. The pcs were in my inventory when the dc happen, which is why I didn't realize they were gone until I tried to do black paper again. The pic was before I withdrew them to start doing black paper. The dc happened while I was moving stuff between banks around 30min to a hour later. And I didn't realize that I uploaded the same pic twice. Didn't format the right pic in gimp. Sorry about that.
  9. I was organizing stuff from the common bank to my character bank(Vitamin 5) when all of a sudden there was a connection error. At first I was worried that I lost a bunch of stuff, so when I checked i still had all the grinders and mag cells intact. I did notice that the new mag I was working on was gone, along with about 67 photon crystals. I did Black Paper 3 times before the DC happened. I didn't notice the photon crystals were gone until I tried to do black paper deal 2 again. So I was hoping that I could get the photon crystals back and hopefully the mag too. I don't have a pick showing
  10. Only if they were AFK, and only if they were already dead.
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