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  1. In my opinion, for each major event, the community should design and vote on one new hunter, ranger, and force weapon (each) for each major event (or another type of item). If that ends up being too much, perhaps just do it once per year. There are so many possibilities. I had also wondered about creating a higher difficulty with an increased level cap, new items, and increased tech levels. This of course would be expansion-level type of content, but plenty of computer games get modded. Why not PSO? If I were savvy in such an area, I would have been working on this very thing years ago (including creating a whole new episode; could be so awesome). However, I am not, so I can only dream.
  2. Week 1: 125 Epsilon, 8 Dark Falz; 0 cent/battle

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    2. Vector


      same as ALC,paranoia included lol

    3. leezy


      I well ninja your shit and lol and log out...

    4. Joseph Hararah

      Joseph Hararah

      I don't understand why people don't hunt these more, they're only here for this event :P

  3. Oh, what the hey, I'll give it a shot. One of my favorite Youtube videos:
  4. Never mind; of course as soon as I post it one drops meseta (it was no joke like the 20th belra I've killed).
  5. Maybe add Master Raven, Last Swan, and Orotiagito to the list since you can't normally get hit on those. I bet there will be more participation.
  6. I think I heard 10-15 PDs is reasonable. I'm open to working something out.
  7. Done and done. This can be closed, thanks.
  8. How much for the LAVIS CANNON (0/30/0/0|35)?
  9. I'll take that syncesta. PM me.
  10. I can't seem to send you a PM (maybe your box is full?), but I'm online now. I should be around most of the day.
  11. Hey, can I get the Ophelie Seize 0/30/0/0/35 for 3 PDs maybe?
  12. ALC

    S>items !

    Hey, can I get that Guren?
  13. This can be closed, thanks.
  14. I already PM'ed you, but two of your heavenly/abilities for 2 PDs?
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