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Took me awhile to find this topic.

Name: CT

Age: In my 20's

Preferred contact method: PM, e-mail

Hobbies: Gaming, having a good time

Picture: N/A

Other Information: I mainly play PSO on the Gamecube at the Schthack servers, but I dip in BB once in awhile. I realized (after a long time. I'm slow.) that there may be other private servers as well, so Google results gave me this site. I enjoy challenge mode, but I heard it doesn't work on this server, which is a shame. Anyway, I'll be wandering around.

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Preferred contact method: Anything goes. (seriously)

Hobbies: PSO, Rpg maker XP. LEGOS(YAY)

Picture:None (yet)

A little more about your self:

Well I like to projects on the pc. my recent one was a demo made on rpg xp which turned

out pretty good. mostly I do them for fun but if I can get something out of them

well it's my lucky day.

Nice to meet you all.

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Name:Cable May.

Age:If you really want to know;12.

Preferred Contact Methods:Yahoo!,Gmail,Ingame,Forums.

Favorite Hobbies:Legos/Bionicles,PSOBB,Video Games,Playing with friends,Listening to music,and playing with my pet Gerbils.

Picture:None avalible yet.

Other things you should know about me:I heard about PSO at Ehow.com.I was trying to learn how to get a Tails Chao.Then I heard about PSO.Then I found the website and joined up.When the sever went down,I ordered PSO for GC off ebay.A little after I got a Tails Chao,the server came back on.So I gave the game to my friend and have played PSOBB ever since.PSOBB ROCKS!!!!!!!!! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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Name: Draona

Age: 27

Preferred contact method: email

Hobbies: Reading, drawing, hiking, gaming (video & RPG), twitter (shameful, I know), anthropology, botany, hanging out with my daughter and boyfriend.

Picture: 4079212504_6c58a6a5f2_m.jpg

A little more about your self: I guess I'm fairly new to PSO, even though I used to watch my brother play it obsessively, back when it was on Dreamcast. I did play a few missions then, but I'm far more familiar with the Phantasy Star Portable for the PSP. Loved playing it! Recently, I heard some friends talking about playing on a server and thought I'd give it a try. So far, I'm having fun : )

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Name : Charles

Age : 18

Preferred contact method : PM, Youtube or Xfire

Hobbies : PSOBB and other video games, music, movies, reading, sports in general.

Picture : Don't have one scanned yet, maybe later and I'll post it

A lil more about yourself : I got into PSO on Ver.1 when I was 9 years old, never stopped playing since then (Ver2, Ep.I&II+, PC...). I tried playing a lot of other MMORPG's (WoW, GuildWars, EvE, Anarchy, FlyFF and more...) and PSO is still the best out of them all and it's free, lol. The only other MMO I still play a lot is MapleStory... got into that game very young when it was just starting and I could never get enough of it.

I'm also a big Metal Gear fan. ^_^

My favorite movies would be Blade Runner, 99 francs, Fight Club, 3:10 to Yuma (2007), Apocalypse Now, American Psycho, Amistad, Gran Turino, Glengarry Glen Ross, Danny Brasco, In the Name of the Father, The 13th Warrior, American Gangster and 12 Monkeys.

Music, I'm into a lot of genres actually. Progressive rock, jazz, blues, classical, power metal/melodic death metal/technical death metal. I hate rap/hip-hop I wished the stuff didn't exist.

My favorite band ever for their excellent technical side is Kalmah, like you can see in my sig. :P

Reading, well, I don't read that much anymore. I'm currently going through Stephen King's The Dark Tower, best series I've ever read so far. Epic to the extreme maximum like a good friend of mine would say.

Sports, pretty much anything except basketball. I prefer the typical Canadian sports like hockey, skate, roller skate and parkour.

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Okay Then Lets us Start Shall we? :3

Name: José Almeida

Age: 23

From: Portugal (Just Google Map it if you dont know where it is)

Preferred contact method: Msn - Shoryu_Raiza@hotmail.com

Hobbies: Video Gaming (PSO BB and More), Anime (evertype of it), Yugioh TCG

Picture: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_YWOf9ePGH2o/SwnNtq4VTkI/AAAAAAAAACQ/Tj5ZCqcJEvg/s1600/IMGP2935.JPG

Here it is....this is the Ugly me =D

A lil more about yourself: Well I started to Know PSO when It was on the Dreamcast....I played both V1 and V2 then I played PSP's Phantasy Star Portable then Finaly got into here...I first Played on the other Private server but got bored of how many things you needed to Log in into the game and some craping arround. And Finaly I got here to Ultima's Server and I'm Staying for a while. Besides that I'm a Final Fantasy gamer and I Consider myself as a Old School player because I really Like Much the Older games than the new ones.

Other Facts about me

Nick - Okami - Why did I choose it? I like Wolves so...Okami in JP Means Wolf and Okami sounds kinda better...dunno why xD

Relationship State - Nobody cares much but...I'm Single and I never got really a girlfriend ( there was this case but...Meh ) So Single I am

Other Questionz - Ask me on MSN or PM...Its Up to you

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lets try this again, in the right place

Name[/b]: Josh

Age: 19

From: Ottawa

Preferred contact method: forums.

Hobbies: Gaming, skydiving, game development, art

Picture: <((^^)>

A lil more about yourself: Game development student, fond memories of PS EP I & II on xbox.

Nick - Six, cleanup, whatever really

Relationship State - In a relationship

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Name: Real name is Ana, but i would prefer it that ppl call me Alotika please~ :)

Age: 16

Preferred contact method: Forum mssg or somethin

Hobbies: Draw, read, listen to music, play video games lol

Picture: None >3

A little more about your self: Im mexican and can speak spanish, im a self-taught artist, i can be a bit shy at first but once you get to know me, watch out. =]

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