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    Video games(I like PSOBB the most),Swordfighting,My friends,and watching videos online.
  1. well the thing is i got it to 200 and it was a kabanda.logged back in,it was a kaitabha.so if i feed it again,nothing will happen really.
  2. yo did you get my pm?

  3. no the mags stats were the same.they didn't change at all.
  4. if you need my guild card number,it's 42006340.the first slot is the one with my ranger that has the messed up mag.
  5. ok so i logged out last night with a kabanda mag,and when i logged back in,i had a kaitabha!!!!could a gm help me?also,it kept its stats and photon blasts.
  6. where do we put it or what doo we use to open it?
  7. well,i logged out,then logged back in,and now its back to normal.so no need for help now.
  8. hello.so,i identified a siren glass hammer with my hunter,and when i passed it to my force,it was unidentified.and when i try to identify it again,my game freezes.plz help me.
  9. I live in Durham,N.C. in the U.S.A.
  10. Name:Cable May. Age:If you really want to know;12. Preferred Contact Methods:Yahoo!,Gmail,Ingame,Forums. Favorite Hobbies:Legos/Bionicles,PSOBB,Video Games,Playing with friends,Listening to music,and playing with my pet Gerbils. Picture:None avalible yet. Other things you should know about me:I heard about PSO at Ehow.com.I was trying to learn how to get a Tails Chao.Then I heard about PSO.Then I found the website and joined up.When the sever went down,I ordered PSO for GC off ebay.A little after I got a Tails Chao,the server came back on.So I gave the game to my friend and have played PSOBB ever since.PSOBB ROCKS!!!!!!!!!
  11. are you still doing this event? if you are can i get EXCALIBUR?
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