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English OK , due that the server expense are way to mush for my pocket and no one is making donations i will set up a system of Item Donations. all Donations are strictly for the payments and

Well let’s just hope he gets around to it sometime this year 😅

System has been fixed and tested, Donations system is working as it was before.  @Soly did it once again I took a code he used from last year and that fixed the problems. LOL

I was wondering the same thing. Are all the donation items prices listed still honored? I am interesting in donating for some thing. If not, that is cool. So happy to still be playing this game at all. :3

Yes. Donate for anything in this list


When you are finished, send a private message to Larva. Upon verification, one of the GMs will give you your item(s) when they see you online.

I think what he meant was is the deal for getting items for donations still going on. Yeah regardless donations are good but i was also wondering if we can get items for donations still. I dontated 30$ and i would be cool to get a couple items for it but personally it doesnt matter to me becasue i just love PSO :P

Just send a private message to Larva with the information about your PayPal payment as well as what you would like to redeem your donation on. As long as your donation was fairly recent it shouldn't be a problem.

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how i can donate im from venezuela and i want help server for a little grain of sand.

Mm do u have PayPal?

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Donated $80 so enjoy! (do I still get donation items?)

Thank you and ofcourse, pick your items here http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/forum-6/announcement-5-item-list-donations/ and send a Personal Message to Larva and one of the GMs when you made your choice to redeem the items.

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y como obtengo los Item tickeds? son por donaciones tambien? es que me interesa unas wings of evil

You can get tickets by donating and looking at the list to see how much tickets you need for an item. Once you made the donation you'll get a confirmation number that you'll need to send as a Personal Message to Larva and one of the GMs when you made your choice to redeem the items.

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Donated $42 o_o cause I picked out the items I wanted lol.

Where do I go from here? I already PM'd Larva.. not sure if he saw it or not.

Add me and Serverus to the PM

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Àäìèí ÿ íå ìîãó çàðåãåñòðèðîâàòüñÿ ìîæåò ÿ ïðîñòî íå òî äåëàþ ?


åùå êîå ÷òî: ñîâðåìåííàÿ-óðîëîãèÿ.ðô áîëåçíü âàðèêîç

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