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  1. I've enjoyed all the lobby music choices so far. I will nominate this one for June: such an awesome track
  2. How about it for old times' sake? It really is an amazing track.
  3. ^ thank you so much! I thought i'd heard it before,probably on one of those "best vgm" playlists, which abound on youtube. ;D
  4. As always, the event was a blast. Many thanks. I look forward to playing here a long time. Anyway could someone tell me the name of the chrismasy music used in place of jinglebells. I'm curious where it came from.
  5. Why do you have to leave altogether? This place exists entirely at your convenience. You said yourself that you'd miss the community. So then, why would you not at least stop in to visit occasionally?
  6. It was great knowing you, Dan. I wish you much happiness and long life.
  7. I think you have to set it for the "slot 1" character for it to save. It saves whatever you set for the slot 1 char and loads it for the other 3. I got that impression from my experience anyway
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